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– It’s super fun. Dream job! It’s been fun from day one, and you’ve been thrown into things. You get help solving problems that society needs answers to.

Henrik Strand is one of Centv’s young talents. He cannot praise the workplace enough. Sintef is an institution that conducts mission-based research in technology, natural and social sciences.

– I have now helped to develop a calculation tool for the transmission capacity of power cables. Those who own cables and network companies get more accurate calculations of how much current the cables can carry. And this, in turn, means that you can save on unnecessary developments, as the young talent demonstrates.

good at communication

It is the recruitment and employment agency Academic Work that has once again named the most popular employers among young people.

For the first time in history, the Norwegian workplace tops the list.

This year, Sintef ranked first in the selection of the most attractive employers for young talent in the country, according to a press release.

– Sintf was really good at telling his story – what do you get if you work here. He says innovation and job security are important Mats Furlund for NRK. He is the Chief Academic Officer.

Mats Furlund, CEO of Academic Action.

Good colleagues, good wages, and development opportunities are the three most important factors for young people when looking for a job.

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But many of them also highlight the importance of a particular thing.

Because more than 4 out of 10 young people say safety Important when they are looking for a job.

– You can probably see that a little bit in light of how the world has evolved in recent years. It’s with the pandemic and what’s happening now, Vorolonde says.

The young researcher agrees.

It is very important to feel safe in the fact that you have a safe employer, that you are safe in the people around you, your direct manager and your boss. Strand says I am so lucky to have that in Sint.

Rumor mill is important

This survey consists of three factors: the reputation of the company, the perceived success of the company and the extent of the candidates You want to work in the company.

Sintef clearly has a good reputation, works well on the success factor and is the absolute best among all the companies in terms of how willing the young talents are to work there.

– It’s great fun, not entirely surprising, he says Sintef CEO, Alexandra Bech Gjørv to NRK.

We do great things, and I think people get energy from working on important things. People also like to make a big impact in their workplace, and that’s possible here.

Strand thinks this is important from several perspectives – which brings up the topic of sustainability, social economics, and an environmental perspective.

Gjørv believes that Sintef is becoming more visible on social media, and that they are doing things that young people are interested in.

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We recruit highly educated people from all over the world, we have 75-80 nationalities, and the majority have Ph.D. Professional development is very important to our candidates and we have a meaningful job where you can make a difference and help make an impact.

Centef won an award at the top of the list.

Innovation and Sustainability: This is the most attractive young employer of the year.

Photo: Hanne Bernhardsen Nordvåg / NRK

7 out of 10 are from Norway

Since the pandemic, more and more Norwegian companies have made it to the list. In this year’s award, 7 of the 10 best companies are from Norway.

Vipps comes in second, while Google, which won several years ago, takes third place.

We see that many young people are looking for something close and safe, and Norwegian employers benefit from that compared to larger international companies, says Forlund.

Although it falls on the main list, Microsoft won this year’s IT Index, which is the ranking of young people with an IT background. Kongsberg Group won the technology index of the year, while Google won the economy index.

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