Stenius Morstad and Malin Walsh on the relationship

Stenius Morstad and Malin Walsh on the relationship

BERGEN (Look and Hear): During Friday’s fantastic awards ceremony, The Golden Road in Bergen, there was a lot of excitement about who would come out with the various awards. Stinius Maurstad and Malin Falch were among the nominees — and eventually won “New Reality Contestant of the Year” together.

The couple met on the reality series “Love IRL” which was filmed in South Africa a year ago. Since then, the two doves have stayed together, and it was their first time at Grieghallen on Gullruten.

They realize that this was something completely different from what they were used to. Falch also says she was surprised they were nominated at all.

– Now I can stop myself

– I’m amazed, I didn’t know she could be nominated as a reality contestant, she says before banging her boyfriend:

– Yeah, in a way it feels a little undeserved, because we’re in the shadow of “Love IRL.” They kind of created us as a concept.

– scary

When asked what it’s like to be in love on TV, Morstad had to think again.

– It was very scary to admit to myself that something happened. And it appears in the series as well, but it’s a step you have to take, which you have to trust is right. And then it will be filmed as it happens.

For his part, Walch says, in the best sense, the cameras were really what got in the way most.

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– I think we needed that push to make it happen. We can’t hide. Dating this way was healthy for me, she adds, because I had to do it.

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Was there anything hard to watch on TV?

– All the scenes where you fall down and cry in front of the camera and share personal stuff, it can be hard to watch. Especially the first time, when you don’t know how to cut it. But I want to say that I am happy with how everything turned out.

mother in law

Stenius Morstad is the son of Mary Morstad, one of the most famous actors in the country. Falch says it was good to just be her mother-in-law.

He reveals the details of the wedding

He reveals the details of the wedding

– You’ve heard it in cartoons, on children’s television, and things like that. But I didn’t really like her until I met Stennius. I didn’t know Stenius either, she says, looking at her friend:

– Sorry.

The couple is currently living at Stennius’ mother’s house, while they wait to move into the apartment they bought together. They’re not sure when they’ll move in, as they’ll have to start some renovation work, but they say they feel comfortable in Morstad’s house.

Good-bye: Two of the participants on “Love IRL” decided to fly home from South Africa before taping ended. Video: Red Runner / Discovery+
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– How was Malin brought home?

– It was very convenient. There were no conflicts anywhere, Morstad says.

happy together

Falch and Morstad partner together, and the pair are clearly in love. When asked how they are together, they both say that it is totally top notch.

- I tried to hook him up with a girlfriend

– I tried to hook him up with a girlfriend

– When you cross the threshold of one year, you have seen many sides of each other, which you may not have been sure of at first. Everything gets better with time, Walch says and Morstad agreed.

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– Yes, it takes a while before you get to know all sides of a person, and you become sure of each other. Even if you are in love.

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