Strong winds and slippery roads cause problems in the north – NRK Nordland

Strong winds and slippery roads cause problems in the north – NRK Nordland

With full gale force winds and 100 millimeters of rain expected to fall on Nordland in one day, it was a challenging day in Nordland.

As of Monday afternoon, 1,180 customers were without power in the Ofoten and Vesterålen regions.

On Monday afternoon, the main rescue center was notified that a lone tourist had been called unbreakable Above Reinebringen in Lofoten.

According to meteorologists, the force of the wind is a strong storm – that is, 30 meters per second.

– He climbed the mountain alone and turned to the weather, Kjetil Kaalaas, Operations Manager at Nordland Police District, tells NRK.

A rescue helicopter was dispatched from Bodo, but the SarQueen rescue helicopter was abandoned after two attempts due to strong winds in the mountains.

The helicopter flew to Svovær to pick up rescuers from the Svolvær Alpine Rescue Team. Kalas says these help from the floor and are in class at 6 p.m.

Police in Nordland received a call at 3.30pm that a man had turned against the weather on Reinbringen mountain in Lofoten.

Norwegian Alpine rescue teams are experts in this type of rescue in the mountains under these conditions. It is up to them to assess whether there is an opportunity to actually take it. The operations manager says there is a risk of mudslides and avalanches in the area.

After a quick observation, the rescue team will climb the 448 meter high peak.

The man, a foreign tourist, was unharmed, police said.

– But he might be out cold, so it’s important for us to get him down as soon as possible. Callas says the health service has been notified.

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Can be dramatic

According to the operations manager, the situation is worse because it is already cold and the tourist does not know what kind of clothes they have.

– If we don’t take him down, it will be an even more dramatic situation.

– But we’re not there yet. We are working on plan A to get people to hike and are waiting for feedback on how it is going.

The man reportedly contacted acquaintances on the ground, who again called for help.

– It is not known how long he was there, says the operations manager.

Kalas currently does not want to say where the tourist is coming from, but says there are many linguistic challenges in communication.

– It is undesirable for people to move around the area at this time of the year. It’s mostly tourists, locals know the conditions, says Kalas.

Cruise ships must have towing assistance

Also cruise ship “Viking Venus” On her way to Norvik she ran into trouble in strong winds and required the assistance of two tugs to get into Norvik Harbour.

Maritime manager Øistein Kaarbø tells that the ship made the assessment based on safety considerations.

A video shot by Narvikværingen Gunhild Margaret Normark shows the ship heading into port.

Warning and strong winds

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for wind in parts of northern Norway

Winds from the southwest inland at 27 to 33 m/s are possible Monday morning through Monday evening.

Then proceed Here is his wind chart of Yr.

The E6 over Saltfjell is already closed, and both ferries between Bodø and Lofoten have been canceled due to bad weather.

Urges customers to limit usage

All of Antonis lost power earlier today. 811 customers were without power between 10:00 PM and 4:00 PM on Monday.

This is due to a broken high voltage pole Vesterålen online.

– We have discovered the fault and have now prepared all the crew to fix this defect, Terje Andreasen, technical manager at Andi Energy, tells NRK.

– We expect to finish before midnight, but things can happen along the way, he says.

Andreassen encourages electricity customers to reduce electricity consumption.

Øyvind Strøm of Hålogaland kraft nett says that 369 customers in Bjerkvik and Seines are also without power. 1,109 houses were without power this morning.

Central parts of Bodo were shut down as roof tiles that fell to the ground flew in the air.

Photo: Kåre Riibe Ramskjell / NRK

– Three errors in the network are responsible for this. Bugs have now been discovered, one fixed and two others under repair.

They haven’t figured out the exact cause yet, but Strom is betting that all customers will have power by evening.

– It is reasonable to believe that weather and wind caused short circuits and earth faults in the network, he says.

Uniform roads throughout the district

On the E6 near Gratangsfjellet, a bus was thrown onto the road on Monday afternoon, police report. The bus did not overturn.

Lofoten Post Office The 180 meter cargo vessel SSI Providence has sought emergency port at Dverberg. The ship was actually on its way to Murmansk, Russia, but had to take a break due to high tides.

Mild weather leads to very slippery roads across the district.

– It is absolutely true that the weather has been great this week. Especially in the north towards Lofoten and Vesterålen the wind is strong. Meteorologist on duty Ingwilt Villa says strong cyclones will emerge from the southwesterlies, as well as a small storm in the north and strong winds inland.

Warning of strong winds in the north

A yellow warning has been issued for the whole of northern Norway, and it will be worst in Nordland on Monday. On Tuesday, there will be a lot of wind, but at the same time more precipitation, especially in Nordland.

Photo: Bureau of Meteorology

Boat connections are also affected due to weather.

Vegtrafiksentralen nord writes that the ferry connection between Bojnes and Skarberget has been canceled at six o’clock on Monday evening.

Detour via the ferry link between the drag and Kjøpsvik, they write.

More rain is expected

It’s not just a wind warning in Nordland, but also a yellow precipitation warning south of Bodo from Tuesday to Wednesday.

By Monday afternoon, it was upgraded to an orange warning for very heavy rain.

– Lots of weather tomorrow, but then more southerly. We have issued a yellow warning for heavy rain from tomorrow evening to Wednesday evening. And then there’s 40mm at six hours, which seems pretty powerful.

A total of 70-100 millimeters will fall in 24 hours in Sør-Salten and Helgeland.

– I encourage people to look out for new updates. Now Helgeland can withstand a lot of rainfall, but there is a lot of snow and ice in many places, so storm water is more likely. Then it is better to check the drainage etc.

Waves up to 8 meters in northern Norway

Waves of up to eight meters have been reported in northern Norway.

Photo: Screenshot

Small boats will have to be grounded today as waves rise up to eight meters along the coast.

NVE’s on-duty hydrologist Christian Nordun confirmed to NRK on Monday morning that there may be an avalanche warning during the day.

NVE Monday issued an orange warning for mudslides, mudslides and flash floods for Tuesday.

– Orange warning now in place for large parts of Nordland. The reason for this is the heavy rainfall. Ann-Live Øye Leine, NVE’s Landslide Warning Officer says.

In Nordland, the risk of avalanches is high, especially in areas with 30-50 cm of snow.

– What is a slush avalanche?

– Sørpeskred is a soup of water and mud, a soaked snowpack. It can be released on gentle slopes where snow is allowed to accumulate. Then the landslide often descends into old river channels, which can then develop into floodplains. But now it is the danger of mudslides that is considered the greatest.

A container on a trailer overturned in Fiskebøl on Sunday 22.01.23 on E10.

A trailer of a truck train overturned on the E10 in strong winds on Sunday. The E10 was closed for over an hour, meaning the only route to Lofoten was blocked for a time.

Photo: Jens André Mehammer Birkeland

Full storm in Finnmark

Nordland alone will see high winds over the next few days.

Troms and Finnmark will get a good portion of the storms, then strong winds are the key word.

From Monday evening to Tuesday afternoon, local snowfall is expected due to snow showers and strong winds from the southwest in the areas of Trams and Finnmark.

Meteorologist, Trond Lien, weather forecast for Northern Norway

Trond Lien has warned of a full storm in Finnmark from Tuesday.

Photo: Jørn Inge Johansen / NRK

– In Troms, a small gale from the south-west in exposed areas today, a strong south-westerly gale to a small gale along the coast tomorrow. You also have showers that turn into snow and sleet, says meteorologist Trent Lien.

But the wind is still strong in Finnmark.

– You will get an increase in Finnmark today, but tomorrow, Tuesday, will increase from a strong storm to a full storm. In these areas, there is also a yellow warning, which will remain in Finland for a long time.

A full storm is not a wind speed, but a sustained wind speed of about 25 meters per second, the meteorologist insists.

Saltfjellet closed on 23.01.2023.  The film is directed by Dunderlandsthalen.

The E6 above Saltfjellet was closed on Monday and it won’t be the last today. Shortly after 8 o’clock there was a convoy. The film is directed by Dunderlandsthalen.

Photo: Norwegian Road Administration

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