Juliane Snekkestad: – Opens about the diagnosis

Juliane Snekkestad: - Opens about the diagnosis

Model and actress Juliane Snekkestad (26) became very popular in 2018 Marius Bork as Hoyby’s (24) girlfriend. Since then, he has appeared on the Netflix series among others “Home for Christmas” And Angelina Jolie-movie “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil”.

Now he is lined up for a major interview A magazine, Among other things, she opens up about a hitherto unknown diagnosis.

– A terrible disease

In the interview, Sneakstad goes into more detail about something that should have been thought of a lot in the long run. She says she wants to be honest in the beginning and wants to be honest with it.

The 26-year-old may look at his Instagram account as what many would call a “perfect” life. On the other hand, no one can live life to the fullest without challenges and worries.

For the first time, she openly and honestly shares a topic that is close to her.

New job: Marius Bork Hobby changed career direction and today works for a motorcycle mechanic. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix / @ marius_borg
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Sneakstadt tells A-Magazine that he believes transparency about the diagnosis can help others in the same situation.

– I am bipolar. I was diagnosed when I was young, so I lived with my disease for many years. I received early help from BUP (Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatry, journ.anm.), Now go to speech therapy and use medication, he explains, and says:

– I can be completely normal, suddenly I’m in the basement. There doesn’t have to be any cause or reason, depression and depression just blow towards me. I’m down more often than I can climb. Many have been hit harder than me, but it is heavy enough. Bipolar disorder is a serious disease.

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Sneakstad adds that stress is something that can trigger illness. As a model, challenges have also arisen with regard to diagnosis.

– Hard to plan, I do not know how I am. However, I learned some techniques when it was hard. It is safe to say that my agents knew then. They are very understanding, she says frankly.

Dagbladet tried to contact Juliane Snekkestad, but he has not yet responded to our inquiries.

In 2020, Snekkestad shared the opposite Dagbladet Magasinet She too struggled with anxiety for many years.

– Actually, I was very popular in elementary school, but I never felt that I fit perfectly. Not especially among women. I thought it was scary for a lot of people and struggled a lot with anxiety. It often happens that I call my mom, who is completely disengaged from the hook of the school toilet, and begs her to pick me up, she said honestly at the time.

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Met abroad

The 26-year-old has also previously visited the Netavicen podcast “Violation”. There he spoke openly about his relationship with Marius Bork Hoypi, the eldest son of Crown Princess Mete-Marit.

In the podcast episode, she was able to reveal The story of how they met.

– I lived in Los Angeles in 2014 and he also lived in 2016 or something. That’s actually where we met. I came to town for a photoshoot on Playboy – I met him for the first time through a mutual friend. We went out and got to know each other, she said.

On the other hand, hot feelings should not arise there. Snekkestad’s job ensures she travels around the world, but family in Tønsberg confirms that she continues to travel to Norway.

This is where the feelings for the eldest son of the crown princess Mette-Marit arose.

Surprises: Crown Princess Mette-Marit visited the P3 show “The Cause Frusets” on Valentine’s Day. Then she was surprised by this question. Images with permission of NRK.
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– Sure, we texted, but it’s the smallest way we became lovers. We were in Oslo and then he was going to take me to the train station. There is such a thing as our noses rubbing against each other, which we call “nasal congestion”. Then I said, “This is the way men do,” and then he asked if we were, and she said on the podcast, and she answered “yes” before boarding the train home.

The couple currently live together in Sneakstadt’s hometown of Dansberg. Da docplated Met them on the red carpet in the fall of 2019, They started the renovation project.

– It’s going well, there’s a lot to fight, but now we’re fine, we’re growing well, Sneakstadt said at the time, and Hoypi said it was amazing to be “a little artisan”.

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