June 8, 2023


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SV Mayor John Olson - Anger Resignation Application:

SV Mayor John Olson – Anger Resignation Application:

John Olson was elected mayor of Nordkop municipality in 2019.

It will not expire until the fall of 2023, but he has already applied to resign as mayor and be released from office.

– Over time, I had a detrimental work situation, the mayor writes in a public post Facebook.

It’s the Sami daily சகட் The first to report the news on Wednesday. Olson explains to the newspaper that there is a political conflict.

– Hard for a long time

Dagbladet has been in contact with Olson, who has been approved by Dagbladet to quote the Facebook post.

In the post, the SV politician shares the full application for exemption, which he asks to be considered at the next municipal board meeting on June 28th.

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He writes that the application was sent with feelings of loss, grief and frustration.

It’s okay to pretend late is nothing. In the long run, Olson writes that it is difficult to defend oneself against repeated mistakes, lies and suspicions, as well as to deal with provocations.

– Can’t connect

He believes the election results in which he was elected mayor have not been accepted and that leading to meetings is a challenge.

– I want to end my term as mayor of the Northern Cape, but I can not ruin its health. For my own part, but for the family and others who love me and care about me, it is important that I recover. The road there cannot be connected with the post of mayor or other elected office in the Northern Cape, Olson writes at the end.

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