Sven-Eric Edvartsen, NFF | The best thing Edvartsen knows is the torture of the NFL

Sven-Eric Edvartsen, NFF |  The best thing Edvartsen knows is the torture of the NFL

The Norwegian Football Association wishes Sven Erik Edvartsen is not present. The problem is that they act as if this is the case.

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In January 2017 Svein-Erik Edvartsen opened Pandora’s Box at Ullevaal Stadium. Since then, all sorts of problems and compromises have surfaced and haunted the Norwegian Football Association.

Pandora was, for those without their Greek myths outstanding, a woman created by Zeus for the misfortune of mankind.

A bit like Svein-Erik Edvartsen NFF should feel.

Well inside In the fifth year, there is reason to say that there is no end to the struggle riding the NFF atop the mare, and the reason for that is very simple. They pretend it doesn’t exist. When a warning about racism written by star lawyer John Christian Elden doesn’t make them react, then what?

Svein-Erik Edvartsen seems to have gotten so annoying that the tops of the NFF threw her years overboard.

In the way they respond to Nettavisen, it can seem as if each one of them wants to jump in next.

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I May 2017 Sven-Erik Edvartsen warned the NFF of the prevalence of racism in the Norwegian judges community. The background to the warning was a number of messages received on a Whatsapp group in 2013 and 2014. The warning was well documented, the evidence is numerous and the NFF responded according to the book.

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The case was to be investigated, investigated and concluded.

The last time he came in words, we wrote 2018.

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When the EDVARTSEN team Once again, it has brought a turning point in the nearly five-year-old conflict, to remind the Norwegian Football Association that they are not going to go away. A bit of sarcasm and harassment, if you will. We pee on you because you let us do that.

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Svein-Erik Edvartsen, who appears to have a dependency relationship with the conflict, is not going anywhere.

As long as the harassment of NFL leaders works, he will continue to do so.

As long as the drunken self-righteousness does not subside, he will be constantly looking for new kicks.

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And just like that That being said, it works. If the response of the NFF at the previous crossroads was incomplete and weak, the pathetic word that strikes one now. Since it’s not about right or wrong, the IP addresses, the origin of the emails, and what was said when or who was actually to blame for what Secretary-General Pål Bjerketvedt described in the spring of 2017 as a file issue, evolved into a snowball of hell.

Where the issue now stands is why the NFF isn’t doing what every business owner should.

Indeed, it is inconceivable that the largest private union in Norway does not react and respond to a warning about racism.

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Given answer When asked by Nettavisen, apart from the communication manager’s cut-and-paste response from the alert handling guide, there is no answer or “talk to anyone else”. NFF lawyer prefers Nettavisen Speak to the Secretary General. He does not answer. The HR Manager and Head of Football refer to the Communications Manager who cuts and pastes how to actually do it.

All while heads remain in the sand.

The de facto NFF is behaving as if John Christian Elden does not exist.

Or even more idealistic, as if “marathon man” Sven Erik Edvartsen should suddenly decide to leave this alone.

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