– Take a home office if you can

– Take a home office if you can

Several bus routes were canceled in the Oslo area on Thursday morning. Additionally, there are huge delays on other routes. The reason is the fog in the last 24 hours.

That’s what it looks like at E6 at Furuset in Oslo on Thursday

Wednesday’s snow chaos continues Thursday morning. Snow is still falling in parts of eastern Norway.

At least 29 bus routes in the Oslo area were affected by major traffic diversions on Thursday morning. The numbers change frequently, so travelers should keep track of them A router’s view of deviations.

Many buses are fully or partially canceled at 10am on Thursday.

This applies to: 81, 83, 585, 77, 85, 79, 73, 77B, 400, 410, 70, 30, 31, 390, 380, 120, 395, 396, 397, 261, 71A, 71B, 74, 76, 78A, 78B.

Additionally, there are many canceled departures and delays on other routes. All closed bus routes to Oslo east and write to Nittadal NRK Passengers should be monitored A router’s view of deviations.

If you don’t want Outside, you should be at home, Rutter says.

The odds are mounting

– Some lines have multiple settings, we inform you about this on ruter.no and in the app. There are also some delays and detours. It is a very demanding route, says press officer Ruter Øystein Dahl Johansen.

At 08:40 the list of organizations grew. The press watchdog recommends people leave their cars at home today and take public transport instead.

– We encourage people to train in the tunnel if they have the opportunity. Buses and trams meet other traffic, he says, blocking the road.

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He might find himself in the subway at 08.30 and report that it was planned.

Some opted for alternative transport on Thursday. Froya Astrup went from the souk to the city center.

Some took their skis to work in the snow Thursday.

Eivind Trædal is the Committee Chair for MDGs at Oslo City Council. He posted pictures on Twitter of him replacing his bike with skis.

So far, good run

At 07.30, traffic operator of Vegtrafiksentralen Christofa Key-Nilsen said that traffic in the Oslo area was running as normal.

– There are no tracks on the main road network and then there are the same queues as usual. The snow is expected to taper off during the day and hopefully clear up later, he says.

The traffic operator advises motorists to be extra careful and keep their distance from cars in front. He believes Wednesday’s traffic created problems for the plow trucks.

– An unusual amount of snow fell at once yesterday and the road cleaners are standing in the same line.

Snowy chaos on Wednesday.

Recommend a home office

But there are still delays and detours on many bus routes. Subway and rail are not affected, so Rutter asks people to opt for that if they can.

Oslo Police District Operations Chief Tore Barstad recommends a home office on Thursday.

– If we are going to make a recommendation tomorrow: I think it would be a good idea if there is an option for a home office. Today we are engaged in around 70 projects related to transportation. Fortunately, there were no injuries, Burstad told NRK on Wednesday.

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The weekend will be “really happy”.

Only buses heading towards Østkanten are affected by the restrictions. Pres guard at Ruter Øystein Dahl Johansen doesn’t have a good answer as to why the eastern edge has been hit so hard, but believes conditions there are more demanding.

– For example, buses on Tårnåsen. There are steep slopes. It needs more, he says.

Snow should taper off throughout the day Wednesday, but Johansson can’t rule out more systems. A good amount of snow was reported again on Friday, which will turn to rain over the weekend. It’s not necessarily better, he believes.

– Then there will be less snow, but more snow and sleet. Rainfall is very consistent.

There were major problems at the Skullerud dump in Oslo on Wednesday. There will still be snow Thursday morning.

And Snowy Friday

Ingrid Bentsen, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, can confirm that.

– At present it seems that the rain will continue. Tomorrow we get another round, then maybe 15 to 25 cm of snow.

Also, there will be significant winds in the Oslo area on Friday as well. By the end of the week, temperatures will be high, and incoming rain will be on top of fresh snow. This results in glass-smooth roads.

– Allow for weather conditions and calculate overtime. If not then there is no need to drive. If you have a home office, that’s fine.

Traffic operator Don Sorgen has a clear message for all motorists:

– Keep your distance from the car in front so you have a chance to stop if something happens. It may look empty, but it’s soft. It will be a winter road today.

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– Excitement

– Most of the time, snow is not a problem, but when it comes all at once, it can be hectic.

That’s what Håkon Uggerud tells NTB. He works in Sporveien’s track department and was clearing snow on the subway network in Oslo last night together with several colleagues.

Throughout the night, plow crews move around the Oslo area, but not enough to make sure it’s passable and safe enough to run buses everywhere.

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