The actress has to remove her breasts: – It is not an easy decision

The actress has to remove her breasts: – It is not an easy decision

– I have been genetically tested and will have a double mastectomy.

Sorry after the cancer lie

This is what Danish actress and businesswoman Julie Zangenberg (35 years old) recently said on Instagram and Facebook, during a live event for her clothing brand “Cozy”.

Within a month, the 35-year-old will be put under the knife. Then her breasts will be removed to reduce the risk of cancer.

bubble: Jenny Hughes was checked for brain and eye cancer before Christmas. She is now talking about the operation that will take place in January and the way forward.
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– No fun

– there is nothing wrong. For many years, I have done what is called genetic testing for cancer. There was a lot of cancer in my family. Out of respect for them, I will not go into this part, she said – and continued:

– It was not an easy decision, and it is not fun to do it, but it is something I am happy about, as I had the opportunity to do it, because I really want to live a life free of disease, which is what we strive for. She said: Everyone wants.

Heartbreaking news

Heartbreaking news

To ensure the success of the operation and the fastest recovery time, the actor took some preparatory measures. This means they cut out wine, beer and beverages.

-I don't drink beer currently, and I won't do so in the future. “I also try to eat extra healthy,” she said.

Doric Verret says he asked the children why they thought they had cancer. Video: YouTube/”Joel's Wild World”.
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I have had breast augmentation before

When her breasts are removed, they will be replaced with implants at the same time, so they look normal again. Zangenberg underwent breast augmentation surgery in her 20s, but said last year that she was no longer happy with the decision.

I did it on the podcast “””””””””””””””””””””””.

Clear talk: - There is nothing to mess with

Clear talk: – There is nothing to mess with

She said: – I think it's a bit ridiculous that I enlarged my breasts, and I want to remove them and make them smaller again.

She added:

– But I don't regret it, because I was on a journey where doing it meant a lot to me at the time.

Here, King Charles received the cancer notice. Reporter: Caroline Fagle. Video: Nora Skavhog/Se og Hør, NTB.
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Julie Zangenberg is a Danish actress, model, and writer. She became famous for her role in the movie “Klatretøsen” when she was 13 years old. She is best known for the films “Ludwig and Santa Claus”, “The Poor Man from Bilbao” and “The Truth About Men”.

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