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Intensiv-avdelingen på Ahus

This article is more than a month old and may contain expired advice from the authorities regarding coronary heart disease.

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As of Monday, 11,031 new corona victims had been registered in Norway. On Tuesday, 238 corona patients were admitted to Norwegian hospitals. Two patients less than the previous day.

Although new infection records are set almost daily, the number of people admitted to the hospital with Govt-19 is gradually declining.

The NRK compared the number of coronary patients admitted to the hospital with daily infection rates between December 1 and January 6.

Statistics show that the gap between how many people are affected and the proportion of people who need to be hospitalized is widening.

Since it takes a few days for corona sufferers to get sick enough to be admitted to the hospital, we have added a ten day delay to the hospital admission figures on the map.

On December 17, 383 patients were admitted to hospitals in Norway. This is the highest number of inpatients recorded during an outbreak. A month later, the same number is only 240. At the same time, the infection has increased drastically.

Low fees for health care

Espen Rostrup Nakstad, assistant director of health at the Norwegian Directorate of Health, believes statistics show that omikron does not carry as much health care as participants.

– Fortunately, as we have seen in other countries, we are seeing an increase in the gap between the registered victim and the hospitalized with the Omigron variant. This shows that the Omigron variant does not place as much burden on the health service as previous virus variants in similar infectious conditions, says Nuxstad.

The proportion requiring intensive treatment is also falling sharply.

– The curve shows that it takes 7-10 days from the number of infections, with the omigran variant. But this increase is now smaller than before in many countries, and we particularly see the need for intensive care at a lower rate in inpatients, Knoxstad explains.

As of Monday, 79 corona patients were in the intensive care unit in Norway. 55 of them received respiratory treatment.

– Omigron is a blessing

The Omikron variant has dominated Norway since early January. Last week, the National Institutes of Public Health (NIPH) believed Omigron was offering variation. The risk of hospital admission is 69 percent lower, Compared to the delta variant.

It is noteworthy in municipalities that Omigron causes less serious disease than the delta variant. At Trondheim, infection control leader Eli-Anne Scock calls Omigran a blessing.

Eli-Anne Skok

Eli-Anne Skaug, an epidemiologist in Trondheim Municipality.

Photo: Kjersti Havdal / NRK

To do AddressCivisen He says the Omigran variant has a higher rate of re-infection than previous variants and is significantly more susceptible. But that didn’t bother her.

– Omigron is a blessing that saved us from the delta, which is the hard variant. Most of us are well vaccinated. Usually we are not sick. He says even the elderly in nursing homes do not experience this infection much more strongly than mild colds.

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