The municipality of Kristiansand may be divided. Employees fear their jobs.

The municipality of Kristiansand may be divided.  Employees fear their jobs.

Many employees in the Kristiansand municipality may be given new assignments or forced to move. Today it will become clear.

Kristine Løite-Blom (th), head of department at the Langenes care center in Søgne, fears that services for users will deteriorate when the professional communities are separated as a result of the possible division of Kristiansand municipality. After years of restructuring, he also sounds caution about staff mental health. Ruth Eleanor (TV) joins the user here.

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On Friday evenings, many in Kristiansand let in Golden Streak on NRK Golden Streak on NRK Designation for the core part of the NRK1 program on Fridays. Consists of approximately three programs. 8 to 10 p.m.: A family show, usually Beat for Beat, the satirical show Nytt på nytt. Finally, talk show Lindmo. The programs are among the most watched on NRK, and Nytt på nytt in particular has more than 1 million viewers. (SNL)His own sea voyage.

Not least among the 9,500 employees in the new large municipality established on 1 January 2020. Later Søgne, Songdalen and Kristiansand were annexed.

At 9pm on Friday, the state will decide the first ever local vote in a municipality.

For two weeks, residents in Søgne and Songdalen – but not in Old Kristiansand – were able to vote:

  • Should Nye Kristiansand pass?
  • Or it splits into 2 (Christiansand and Sogne or Songdalen) or 3.

A friend of the motherland And Christiansand Newspaper (KRS) sets up its own studios and broadcasts live 20. and itself Directorate of Elections Friday night overtime on the live stream.

Here's hoping Southerners stock up on plenty of popcorn and soft drinks:

The result of digital votes is ready 21. Then counting of postal votes starts. By midnight, everything should be ready, the directorate hopes.

– Tearing down is worse than building up

Kristine Løite-Blom (39) lives in Søgne. He is head of department at Langenes Omsorgssenter and sincerely believes that a large municipality cannot be divided. Mostly she thinks about the staff and the recipients of the services.

– A division is to facilitate burnout among many employees, who provide poor services to patients. Can we really allow that? she asks.

He says many have faced severe challenges over the years due to the merger. And many people have experienced and are experiencing fatigue and exhaustion.

Christine Leit-Blom believes that a division of the municipality, by undermining solid professional environments, will be a new, big strain for exhausted employees.

Christine Leit-Blom believes that a division of the municipality, by undermining solid professional environments, will be a new, big strain for exhausted employees.

He believes that a division would be a more difficult process than a merger.

– Tearing down is worse than building. Many take a bleak view of shrinking agencies and professional environments over the next 3-4 years. Many are unsure whether they will be allowed to keep their jobs, or whether they will have to leave.

The division process actually began when Spie was under the guise of Trygwe Slacksvold 2021 election campaign Guarantee and referendum in Søgne and Songdalen – if SP gets to government.

Løite-Blom says the “horse trade” has resulted in a divided village.

– This process has led to many personal attacks between otherwise good neighbours.

She says she loves Chokne.

– I grew up here. And I have many friends here. Many of them want Sogne to be resurrected. And I understand them. But I think we have to be honest, he points to the health and care sector where he works:

– Gamle Søgne faced great challenges. Kristiansand is not perfect, but we are much better equipped in the new municipality to provide better services. All common sense dictates that you shouldn't spend money on parting with years of hard work.

Want to reapply for their jobs?

State Administrator at Akter Confident A division can be expensive (up to 400 million) and lead to the reduction or disappearance of critical services. State Administrator Gina Lund writes that, among other things, “benefits and services for vulnerable children and youth” could be affected.

He believes a reversal now, after the merger, and with the burden the pandemic represents, would be very difficult for the entire company.

Mayor Matthias Fernandez (H) and Municipal Director Camilla Dunsett have fought against the split. But if that's the end, both are willing to make it happen.

Dunsæd has therefore sought to clarify a number of employment law issues with the Ministry of Local Government and District Affairs.

Camilla Dunsett

Municipal Director at Kristiansand Municipality

State Administrator Say you're facing legal “untilled ground” because employees suddenly find themselves in a municipality that doesn't:

  • Do employees have to reapply for their positions?
  • Can employees be ordered to relocate?
  • To what extent can the content of work tasks be changed?
  • Will there be access to terminate services/disable them?

Dunsæd says there is great uncertainty among managers and employees. Many fear brain drain.

– about, among other things, who has legitimate claims to which positions. There is uncertainty as to what their status will be in the new municipality and which municipality the positions will be assigned to.

Dunsæd says he would expect swift clarification from the ministry if there is a clause.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs says that these are clarifications that the Kristiansund municipality has to make itself.

– Last in, first out?

Julie Peterson enjoys Christiansen so much that she doesn't really want to move.

Julie Peterson (27)

Communication consultant and regional contact for cultural and citizen dialogue in the municipality of Kristiansand

He chose Kristiansand mostly because the new municipality could offer a wider professional environment with different tasks. He was hired in late June 2023.

– There is great uncertainty now. Will I lose my job? Should I be doing something completely different from what I was hired to do? Will I be sent to Søgne or Songdalen? All this worries me.

She doesn't know what to do if any of the things she worries about happen.

– I considered Oslo before I came here. There are large professional environments. I think it might be relevant again. But above all, I want to help make Kristiansand the best municipality in Norway.

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