This is how rich King Charles III is – E24

This is how rich King Charles III is – E24

The castle, art collection and enormous wealth. It is difficult to estimate how much wealth King Charles commands. However, many have tried.

The Crown: King Charles, 74, was crowned King of Great Britain on Saturday. Here with Queen Camilla (75).

A new king was crowned on Saturday in Britain for the first time in 70 years. He is the last crowned heir to the House of Windsor, which has now ruled Britain for 102 years.

The newly crowned monarch has an enormous personal fortune which he has inherited – completely tax free. The exact value of the wealth is hidden from the general public, and thus it is difficult to know exactly how much money the king has on his books.

However, the major British newspaper The Guardian tried and did an audit of the most important assets of the Windsor family. It includes, among other things, castles, estates, precious jewelry, an art collection and a collection of rare stamps.

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The Royal Family: Britain has been ruled by the Windsor family since 1901. Here stand the newly crowned King Charles, future king Prince William, and the rest of the family.

Tax-exempt inheritance

According to the newspaper, it is very likely that the king inherited everything without paying a single pound in inheritance tax. This is because in 1993 Queen Elizabeth reached an agreement with the British government that she would pay tax on her own income, in exchange for the Windsor family not having to pay inheritance tax.

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If one were to calculate the actual worth of the Windsor family, they must also distinguish between the royal house and its private wealth.

If you include the Royal House, otherwise called The Crown Estate, you are including assets such as Buckingham Palace and other values ​​that belong to the royal family.

Total average Watchman that the King has a private fortune, excluding The Crown Estate, of £1.8 billion. This corresponds to over NOK 20 billion at today’s exchange rate. According to him, he puts it on par with Peter Sturdalen Kaptital’s list of Norway’s 400 richest people.

Forbes It was estimated that the fortune would grow to $28 billion, or more than 280 billion kroner at today’s exchange rates, if you include The Crown Estate. Suddenly King Charles is twice as rich as the richest in Norway, John Fredricksen.

A spokesman for the king did not want to comment on the ranger’s estimates because it does not comment on private finances. Furthermore, the spokesperson calls the numbers “speculative.”

King: An agreement from 1993 means that Charles takes the $1 billion fortune from his mother without having to pay inheritance tax.


The King inherited the Windsor family estates, which are located throughout the United Kingdom.

They include the castles of Balmoral Castle in Scotland and Sandringham in Norfolk, but do not include the royal castles of Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace, which technically belong to the British royal house. Thus, these properties are outside the private wealth of King Charles.

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Balmoral Castle is located in Aberdeen and has belonged to the Windsor family since the 19th century. It is private property and therefore not part of the royal estate.

Balmoral: Queen Elizabeth used to spend her summers at Balmoral in Scotland.

The 20,000 hectare property Sandringham House has been in the Windsor family since it was built in the 19th century, and many members of the family chose to live out their last days at the manor.

According to The Guardian, Prince Philip made an effort to make money at Sandringham, and today you can pay to visit the property.

Realtors helped The Guardian, valuing the property at 330 million pounds, or 4.4 billion kroner.

If one of them includes property belonging to the royal house, that is The New York Times One must add a portfolio of around NOK 200 billion. This includes properties in London’s famous West End, and land assets on the British Cliff.

Horses and jewelry

In addition, the Windsor family has a large collection of legacies.

At Sandringham, the royals own The Royal Stud, where they raise their racehorses. Queen Elizabeth was very fond of horses, and the estimated value of what must be about 70 horses totaled £27 million, or just under 300 million crowns.

Horse lovers: The 76-year-old Queen Elizabeth rides one of her horses outside Windsor Castle in 2002.

The Guardian writes that King Charles has sold several horses since his mother’s death. He auctioned values ​​equivalent to £2.3 million.

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The British royal family also owns a stamp collection worth more than 1 billion crowns. It has been described as Best stamp collection in the world»by a former president of the Royal Philatelic Society of London, the largest philatelic organization in the world.

At the top comes an art collection and a jewelry collection belonging to the royal house.

THE KING AND QUEEN: Buckingham Palace released this photo of Charles and Camilla after their coronation yesterday.

investments and income

The royal family has large equity investments which are also kept secret from the public.

It is difficult to estimate how much is there, because it has been hidden for decades through shell companies. According to The Guardian, in 1993 The Times obtained partial access to investments in the London Stock Exchange. It should have been, then, about the values ​​of 43 million pounds. If the same values ​​were left on the London Stock Exchange, they would be worth £118m, or about NOK 1.3bn, according to The Guardian.

On the other hand, what one has an insight into is the Duchy of Lancaster. It is a group of lands and properties in Great Britain belonging to the Windsor family. It serves as a private asset for the royal family, and is very profitable.

According to The Guardian, she made an income of £109 million in the last five years of Queen Elizabeth’s life.

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