June 9, 2023


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This penal detail may have cost Brann the place for the Elite Series - VG

This penal detail may have cost Brann the place for the Elite Series – VG

Move Down: The Fire moved down after losing to Gerf in a very exciting qualifying match. Here, Moonga Simba, Niklas Jensen Wassberg and Japhet Sery are frustrated after being relegated to the OBOS League.

Professor Geir Gordet says it was not just coincidences that made Bran drop lyserine.

– Jordet tells VG that the majority of penalty shootout competitions are won by the team that takes the best time before they take the penalty shootout.

He is Professor of Football and Psychology at the Norwegian Sports Academy and has conducted research in a number of aspects of football, including penalty shootout competitions.

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Turf coach Arne Sandstowe confirmed on Twitter that they “talked about” his research.

Jordet sat down with a stopwatch and took time to kick off Wednesday, for the following reasons:

It is not time in itself that is important. It is not the hour that decides whether or not there will be a target. But what the watch says is that you are trying to control yourself and your nerves.

There was a jerk which seemed to be the best. On average, Jerv players spent 4.9 seconds from the referee’s kick to take the penalty, while Brann players spent an average of three seconds, Gordet says. Jervs Daniel Arrocha waited a full 12.5 seconds.

– On our dates we see that if you are too fast to throw the ball, the probability will go away Ned to score. It’s the same thing if you react too quickly when the referee blows, says Gordette.

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And where he saw Jerv taking his time and doing things right, he saw one of the Brann players who at least didn’t do the same. When Robert Taylor missed, he was very quick on setting the ball, and research shows that the probability of hitting a goal goes down.

– I’ve hardly seen anyone put the ball so quickly on the penalty kick as Taylor has done since Marco van Basten in Euro 1992 (Peter Schmeichel saved), who holds the world record for it, Jordit jokes.

Football Professor: Geir Gordet is Professor of Football and Psychology at the Norwegian Sports Academy.

Meanwhile, the soccer professor can tell us that the average Jerv players spent as much time during Wednesday’s penalty shootout contest as they did when they beat YMCA on penalties only in the penultimate qualifier.

“I think I see a Gerv team that has prepared well,” says Jordet.

A total of 21 penalties were scored in the promotion match, three in regular time and nine penalties per team in the decisive penalty shootout.

And even if the expert praised Gerf, Bran wouldn’t be punished.

– There were many good penalties. Gordette concluded that there had been many great accomplishments.

note! Brann barely had a chance for a penalty shootout in 2021. Robert Taylor had missed two penalties earlier in this year’s Elite Series, Peter Strand had also missed 11 metres. With a payout of 25 per cent before the match, it was no big surprise that Bård Finne and Mathias Rasmussen both missed 11m in original time.

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