Tinder is taking action

Tinder is taking action

Tinder has recently rolled out several updates to make the dating site a safer place. Now the guidelines have been updated with more measures.

Now Tinder comes with a new button

The end of the username in the bio

Perhaps the biggest news is that the app has now started removing usernames from social media on public profiles.

according to Swedish fever This means that people who want to get additional followers on Instagram will no longer be able to use Tinder for this purpose.

– Tinder is not a place to promote a business to make money. Members must not advertise, promote, or share usernames or social links to gain followers, sell items, raise money, or run campaigns. To combat this, Tinder will remove social usernames from public bios, the company writes in One press release.

Updated: Tinder is changing its Community Guidelines.  Photo: Tinder

Updated: Tinder is changing its Community Guidelines. Photo: Tinder
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It will still be possible to share, for example, your Instagram profile with people you match with on Tinder, even if you can’t link to them in your bio.

Do not share private conversations

In the new guidelines, Tinder also discourages users from sharing their private conversations on other platforms without the other party’s permission to do so.

according to Techcrunch This is probably because Tinder conversations often go viral on platforms like Twitter and TikTok because they are funny, quirky, and relatable.

Avoid colleagues with this advice

Avoid colleagues with this advice

Additionally, Tinder makes it clear that an account is only for one person, and that users in polyamorous or open relationships must create separate accounts for each partner.

Check the video

Earlier this year, Tinder introduced a new security measure. To enhance the verification process, they now want you to take a video of yourself.

Previously, users had to take a photo of themselves to be verified on a dating app and get a blue tick.

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