Today he received the award: — He is one of a kind

Today he received the award: — He is one of a kind

Abel Prize 2024

Mathematician Michel Telagrande received the award from His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon.

Abel Prize winner Michel Telagrande received the award from the Crown Prince.

Abeluka 2024 takes place in Oslo. On Tuesday, the stage was set for the presentation of the Abel Prize itself, which this year went to French mathematician Michel Telegrande.

The award was presented by Crown Prince Haakon himself, and in addition to a flood of fairly famous academics, young people from Norway, France and Germany also took part in honoring and celebrating the French mathematician.

Presenting prizes

Michel Telagrande wins the Abel Prize

probability theory

The Abel Prize is an international prize in mathematics created to honor the Norwegian mathematical genius Niels Henrik Abel (1802-1829).

Talagrande received the award for his contribution to probability theory and functional analysis. These are mathematical theories about random phenomena, such as weather forecasts and large linguistic models, the Norwegian Academy of Sciences wrote in a press release.

When it became clear in March that Telagrande was this year's winner, Helge Holden, chairman of the Abel Committee, said that Telagrande's work had changed several areas of probability theory.

“He made major contributions to our understanding of stochastic processes, especially Gaussian processes,” he said.

“Thalagrand is a distinguished and extremely productive mathematician who changed probability theory,” said Lise Ovreas of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences.

Debate ● Sigmund Grönemo

The controversial and justifiable award is 20 years old

Ends in Stavanger

Tuesday's awards ceremony is one of the first things to happen in Abeloka, which continues through Friday.

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On Tuesday evening, a state banquet will be held at Akershus Castle. The program continues on Wednesday with the Appel Lectures, which will be held at Georg Sverdrup's house in Blindern at the University of Oslo (UiO).

The Holmboe Award will be presented on Thursday at Oslo Cathedral School. In 2024, this amount will go to mathematics teacher Pall Henrik Hansen.

On Friday, Abeloka will move to western Norway, specifically to Stavanger and Sandnes. There, Michel Tlagrande will visit the Science Factory in Sandnes and will also give a lecture at the University of Stavanger.

Read more about award winner Michel Telagrande in Khrono's article when this year's award winner was announced in March.


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