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SOUP MOON: In Oslo in November 2017. The question is whether it will be easy to see the supermoon tonight.

Tonight you can experience the giant moon over parts of the country. But it can be difficult to see with the naked eye.

Press contact Tor E. Aslesen of the Norwegian Astronomical Society explains that this phenomenon occurs once a year.

The size of the moon varies as it orbits the earth. Aslesen explains that orbiting the Earth is not circular or circular, it is somewhat rectangular or elliptical in shape.

Tonight, the Moon will be 358,000 km from Earth, its closest point from orbit.

There are about 29.5 days between each full moon, while the cycle is 27.5 days. They are not completely in agreement. But when the two fall together, we call it a “super moon,” Aslisen says.

He assures that the difference is very small and not easy to see with the naked eye. The moon will appear between five and ten percent larger tonight.

SUPER MOON: A giant moon on its way down behind Asker and Nesodden, with the statue of “Dilemma” at Ekerbergparken in Oslo in the foreground in April 2021. It’s doubtful whether it will be easy to see tonight. The statue, also called “The Stupegutten,” was made by artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset.

In addition, the moon will descend early tonight – in Oslo it will descend on 03.10.

It’s beyond the eye’s ability to measure. But he says that the full moon in summer is very beautiful anyway.

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So if you’re going to get up early tomorrow, won’t you stay up to catch the moon?

– No, unless you want to see a beautiful summer moon, says Aslesen.

If you can’t see the super moon tonight, you might appreciate some of these former greats:

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