Twists: – In place

Twists: - In place

Go right and red Now together to confirm the new treatment of the Clemens Chase case in Oslo City Council.

Conservatives believe that Former councilor of the school Inga Marte Thorkildsen did not provide enough information when prosecuted, And this contributed to the erroneous conclusion. The city council voted not to provide moral and financial support to Sawyers, and relied on Thorkiltson’s information when the decision was made.

– We accept the case of lack of sufficient information, which is completely unacceptable, says Mohammed Khan Inan (H) to Dagbladet.

New information

Rødt, the city council’s supporter, is shocked that the majority has leaned in favor of the opposition.

Opposition in Oslo believes that Thorkildsens did not provide enough information on the case of abused author Clemens Chars. The written questions on Thorkiltson’s desk also confirm this when he abruptly resigned, Rod further pointed out.

– Eivor Evenrud (R) tells Dagbladet that new information is emerging in response to written questions for the Conservatives.

– Most things have gone wrong in this case, she concludes.

– In its place

John Christian Eldon is a lawyer for Clemens Chars. Dagbladet was pleased to report that the case was now being reconsidered by the city council.

“It simply came to our notice then.

Dagbladet previously revealed what is known as a pay party at an Oslo school A full series of directors also received major pay rises.

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Training and noise

Dagbladet has documented Consultants, headhunters cost millions And American Leadership Training.

Opposition in Oslo As well as many in Sorting, Is Oslo strongly opposed the use of money in school SV and Thorkildsen regimes.

Dagbladet has shown by accessing text messages in between Thorkiltson and school principal Marte Gerhardson say both were afraid of a teacher strike after Dagbladet’s revelations.

They will not answer

Dagbladet to Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll (SV), the new school board in Oslo, if he thinks Thorkildsen provided enough good information to the municipality in the Clemens Chase case.

The municipality will not respond.

– I was informed that the City Council had received answers to their questions regarding the consideration of Sawyers’ proposal to offset the legal costs of voting against the majority in City Council in 2020, he writes in an email. To Dagbladet.

– By the way, it is not natural for me to respond in more detail about the process related to the implementation of this proposal, which was completed before my time. If the city council has many questions, I will naturally answer them regularly. For me, it is important to answer all the questions of the city council well and in detail. We can not accept that what Clemens Saers revealed is something very serious and something that employees should enjoy. The new school council in the capital concludes that going to work at school should be safe for everyone and that we continue to work to take care of this.

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