Upon viewing, they fell into the bathroom. Still my favorite room.

Upon viewing, they fell into the bathroom.  Still my favorite room.

This is why pigeons are a favorite of Katrine Lindgjerdet.

A builder designed the bathroom and made all the decisions. Lindgjerdet gets that spa feel when you come in in the morning, even on weekdays. The bathroom has an area of ​​10.5 square meters.
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Mit Favoritrum: – On the prospectus, the bathroom looked very small. When we were on tour three years ago, we quickly found out that she was actually prettier. Wow, it really was a completely different bathroom than advertised. We fell into the bathroom.

Who is the: Catherine Lindgerdet Tweet embed On Instagram, Interior Designer, Heimdal in Trondheim

the room: The bathroom is modern and elegant in neutral colours. There are two different shades of gray on the tiles. One of the walls has the same tiles as the floor, while the other is lighter. There are tiles all the way up to the ceiling. It gives the feeling that the ceiling is higher than it really is. All tiles are 60 x 60 cm. Tub, bath and shower have brass fittings. Lindgjerdet believes that copper gives a special feeling.

All options are made by a developer. The bathroom was completely finished when he took the lead. Nothing has changed.

For this reason it is preferred: I feel calm and relaxed when I go to the bathroom in the morning. Here is a spa feeling also in everyday life. It is a kind of heat. Pigeons are timeless and will be good for many years to come.

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Children often use the bathtub. They love to swim. I would say I use it a lot myself.

The best thing in the room: ceiling height. The roof slopes slightly but is 3.2 meters high at the top.

Plants and minor changes: Lindgjerdet has plants in all rooms, including the bathroom. You think it gives life. Currently, emerald palm and golden vine are in bloom, both vigorous plants that don’t need a lot of water and light. At the same time, they get moisture when bathing and showering.

Towels, plants, soap and candles change during the year. Such little things do a lot in the room, Lindgjerdet experiences, especially when the starting point is neutral.

Catherine Lindgerdt’s bathroom tips:

  • The bath should last for many years. Choose good quality materials.
  • Choose timeless tiles and decor, then you can instead change out the mats, towels, etc.
  • If you want to upgrade your existing room, you can make simple changes. For example, add wood as pillars, paint bathroom fixtures, or change fixtures. You can really have a one-of-a-kind bathroom without having to cost too much.
  • Tiles and upholstery can be painted as long as the tiles are intact.

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