– We do not dare to think what will happen if we do not deliver – Viji

- We do not dare to think what will happen if we do not deliver - Viji
Jenny Michaelbust and Cyril Finn both work as teachers and have become experienced partners in the struggle for further study opportunities at Nesna.

NESNA (VG) Like Nesna, expectations for government negotiations are few. The deputy mayor of the central party in the municipality did not dare to think what would happen if the party did not fulfill its promise to the local community.


– We feel disappointed. Likely to be deceived and betrayed. Nesna is called the epicenter of the district uprising, and I understand why, says Mayor Hein Davidson.

She talks about North University Decision to close education offer at Nesna. When Nesna University College merged with the university in 2016, it was despite promises that the offer would be created and not closed.

The reason was that the university wanted to save money and gather its academic communities on fewer campuses.

The case has caused great controversy locally and regionally. The Central Party in particular has lovingly and sacredly pledged to restore the school to an independent college, while the Labor Party has pledged to provide further education in Nesna.

According to activists, the house also teased that he was more on Nesna than he was at home and met his wife. Store, for his part, criticized the closure of the campus in his National Assembly speech at the end of April.

Residents of Nesna’s attention have returned to government talks between the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party at the Hartelszone Hotel. Both parties received more than 60 percent support for Nesna in the parliamentary elections – so people are now waiting to keep their promises.

ACTION PUBLIC: Jenny Miklabust has fought for educational privilege at Nesna for many years and will not give up until the college is re-established.

The women who stayed – and took up the fight

– Expectations in Nesna for government talks are enormous. Now the parties have to deliver, because we have a bad time. We expect an impact when the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party present their government announcement.

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This is what Jenny Michelbast says. She and Cyril are an example of two students who came and stayed in Nesna for further education. Both work as Norwegian teachers at a high school in Nesna.

Michaelbust leads the public action for higher education in Helgeland, which is fighting to protect the privilege of education.

She grew up in the West, but stayed in Nesna “after she found herself in the North” while studying. In sounding Western dialect, he may appear to be a somewhat unusual activist general for the district uprising in the north. But he insists the war on schools and location is as difficult in the West as it is in the North.

In a hurry

Nesna is having a bad time. If the school is not re-established, it is scheduled to close and sell in the spring of 2022.

– Then the professional environment at school weather, says Michaelbust.

She cites the attractive need for the relocation of highly qualified teachers in Hellzland.

– Nesna ensures that we receive trained teachers for the region and the surrounding municipalities. This means that based on the collection, education becomes relevant to people who do not have the opportunity to complete teacher education.

She adds:

Campus Nesna has a good applicant for teacher education and ranks first in the country in research barometer. Says Michaelbust.

“Northern Norwegian Balkans”

Although the Helleland area is characterized by conflict over the location of other services, the region is unanimous in its desire to re-establish Nesna University College.

– Helsland is called the “Balkans of Northern Norway” because there are so many differences of opinion, see hospital and airport discussion. But here’s an issue that everyone really agrees on, Finn says, and that the mayors in all 18 municipalities in the region sign a joint petition to ensure that teacher education is retained and access to qualified teacher education.

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Cyril Finn and Jenny Michaelbust say they are happy with a new government, but do not anticipate any success.

Warns against extensive control

University Department Labor and Social Democrats warned last week against the recovery of Nesna.

– We are against the comprehensive management of the department. This also applies to closing study areas like Nesna. Sanniva Whittaker, chairwoman of the University and College Council, told Viji last week that our position would be managed by institutions and university boards.

Myklebust disagrees with that argument.

– North University has decided that they do not want a place to study here. We don’t want to go back to them, but rather become an independent college again.

Viktis Mo Scorstein resigned as board chairman of North University after agreeing to close the campus in Nesna. She defended her decision, She relied on the work they received from Sorting:

Our mission is to provide research that contributes to business and community in the region and professional education in general. For every little space you can’t have study places that educate someone. He told the Chrono online newspaper that everyone should contribute to the greater need.

History of the process

The action is unfamiliar to Nesna University College, and we have to trust the mayor of the municipality, Hanne Davidson.

– When the price of beer increased some re, the students at the school went on strike. They refused to come to classes. They did the same when student housing rents increased. Each time they got an improvement. We believe it now, the mayor says with confidence.

According to the deputy mayor of the municipality, the school’s commitment is rooted in the school’s hundred-year history as a whole. He claims that the painting of the famous artist Kare Espoline Johnson in his time was stolen by students and will be burned because it is “bourgeois” art. The image, which depicts Peter Das, was seen in a basement before burning. According to the deputy mayor, it was finally saved from the students because “Espoline is a Northerner”.

Deputy Mayor Nut-R Ainmo was elected to the Central Party, and says the case is now about the credibility of the Central Party.

– I do not dare to think what will happen if we do not keep our promises to Nesna, says Nesna, Kurt-R Ainmo, deputy mayor of the Center Party.

He still believes they will have an impact on the case in government negotiations.

– Both the Central Party and the Labor Party are very clear on this point. But I’m nervous about how big of an impact we are getting and what kind of offer we are getting here, he says. The deputy mayor serves as a daily teacher at the high school in the municipality.

Kim Daniel Breton The Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party would be most impressed if they fulfilled their promises to re-establish a university college in Nesna. But he won’t believe it until he sees it.

Lack of hope

Both politicians and activists are full of hope, optimism and expectations, and as the university college re-emerges, not everyone has the same level of confidence in the authorities.

Kim Daniel Bruton works at Nesna Mechanical. Although he has no personal relationship with the college, he says the college is very important to the local community. Bruton does not believe that Nesna will be preferred by politicians.

– I didn’t believe it until I saw it. There are many promises that have not been fulfilled by politicians. But if we go back to school here … yes, I was impressed. I have to admit it, he says.

– I heard about us

If Nesna is allowed to re-emerge as a college, the challenges will be on the line. Many employees have already left, relocated or found other jobs. They need to combine even more potential if they can properly offer a master’s degree in teacher education. They have to deal with the fact that Nord University is already struggling to fill all the study places in teacher education that already exist at Nord University.

However, locally, at a rescue event, they hope students will come streaming. Recruitment will not be a problem due to all the attention received by the local community in the last two years.

– Yes, there is no doubt about it. Now everyone has heard of us, says Cyril Finn.

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