weather, rain | More rain to come: – There might be a little rain in this rainy season

weather, rain |  More rain to come: – There might be a little rain in this rainy season

Today, a large number of clouds will prevail, and scattered showers will fall. But there is nothing scary, says the meteorologist on duty, Hokun Milstad, at the Meteorological Institute.

On Tuesday, there could be approximately 50 mm of rain in Lillehammer, according to

Tuesday will be much the same, but there will be more clouds. Then there is a chance of some rain in the afternoon and evening. It could be strong locally, according to the meteorologist’s report and continues:

– There may also be thunder in some showers. There may be a slight possibility of these rains, and there is a chance of thunder.

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The amount of precipitation will vary from place to place, but the meteorologist reports that most of the precipitation is in the Mjø district of Gudbrandsdalen.

The amount of precipitation can vary widely. Wetter forecasts range from 20 to 30 mm, with more rain during the afternoon. Other projections drop to five. Everyone gets enough showers, but I would imagine mainly the Mjø region would be the one that gets the most rain. Mjelstad says that in the Gudbrandsdalen region it gets even smaller.

Moreover, he explained that the weather forecast will issue a heavy rain warning on Monday morning.

Hydrologist at the NVE Flood Warning Unit Inger Karin Enger notes that there will be new forecasts around the water level on Monday morning.

The latest NVE forecast is from Sunday at 15:39. Then the latest water level and water flow forecasts showed that the water level and flow were leveling off and declining in most places.

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– NVE writes that projected water levels and flows are uncertain, and will depend on how much rain falls in the next few days.

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