December 9, 2022


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Winner: - Then it is not grafted

Winner: – Then it is not grafted

Sonmoringen Daniel Godot (30) Won for the first time in the side competition «Turbat» On TV 2 Play. After a few weeks He really won ‘The Farm’ Also – a little over a week ago he could celebrate that It is historical.

Godø is precisely The first winner of ‘Torpet’ also wins ‘The Farm’.

The Grand Final was recorded on October 3 this year. He is said to have received his first covid-19 vaccine call in September – while he was on the “farm”.

Two drops of water: ‘Farmin’ winner Daniel Godot is always confused with identical twin brother Nikolai. Video: Tor Lindseth
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It detects heart problems

When he got home he had a conversation with his doctor, he now reveals to Dagbladet.

– I have something called tachycardia. This means my heart is a little weak, and I can get a really strong, high pulse all of a sudden – and then it goes up to “190”. I can’t calm down, and I have to sleep until you calm down. It’s not a disease, but a condition in which my heart suddenly explodes, and so I don’t want a vaccine, he says.

according to Pediatric (Norwegian Health Informatics, .anm magazine) is tachycardia The most common arrhythmiaThis can lead to an abnormally high heart rate.

the students: Kjell Strand and Robert “Norwegrup” Scott still have no words after what happened at Farmin’s farm. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2
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Therefore, the winner of the “farm” had to be told that it was better to avoid the vaccine.

– They advised me not to take it, says the 30-year-old, who assures that the reason is only his health, and that he is afraid of any side effects.

– But after that, I got a little nervous about what to do with the vaccination permits, because if they were put in, I would be disqualified because I was recommended not to have the vaccine. There may be many side effects that you don’t know about. For my part, it was significant that I had a weak heart.

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Close Relationship: Daniel Godot Award Winner

Close Relationship: Farmin Award winner Daniel Godot has a close relationship with Abi Vidar and Amy Gurun. Photo: Tor Lindseth/Look and Hear
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Displaying a vaccine on the farm.

It refers to athletics superstar Philip Ingbrigtsen, who received Ruined most of the season Because of the COVID-19 vaccine, According to himself.

Godot also says that participants haven’t actually been vaccinated inside the Farmine farm, but he and several other people have said no.

– We didn’t want to because we were afraid of getting into a bad situation in the middle of the TV recording, he says.

Wins: The winner of “The Farm” 2021 was chosen after a very even final. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2
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Did the people around you react because you didn’t want to be vaccinated?

– Surprisingly, people understand that, and they think it’s a good idea to wait a bit. But it feels like I’m hanging out when I’m talking about it now, says the Farmin winner with a smile.

He states that, as an unvaccinated, he is very careful in everyday life.

– Yes, I am very concerned about respecting the applicable rules. Recommendations too, he tells Dagbladet.