June 8, 2023


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சியான் |  Xian activist sentenced to life in prison

சியான் | Xian activist sentenced to life in prison

Zion activist Marius Fukelset Rasmussen was sentenced to 120 days in unconditional prison in Oslo District Court on Monday.

December 19 last year Zionists set fire to four Korans In place of Fridtjof Nansen, below the stairs leading from the courtyard to the town hall entrance.

Two City Hall administration employees in charge of security at the town hall tried to extinguish the burning books by pouring water in buckets, according to a video posted on social media by Xian.

The guards were called “pigs” and “Muslims” and were closely shot by protesters. One of the protesters stood in front to prevent a guard from coming. The guard pushed the protester on the back, following which the protester turned and sprayed the red spray on the guard’s face from very close range.

Cyan provided evidence

Zion activist Rasmussen has now been sentenced to 120 days unconditional imprisonment for aggravated assault. According to the Oslo District Court, he must pay 25,000 kroner to one of the victims in the case. It was Filter News The verdict was first mentioned.

According to the verdict, the videos posted by Sian on social media were one of the most important sources in court.

“Various videos from surveillance cameras and SIAN’s own recordings have been shown in court, giving a good picture of the course of events,” the verdict said.

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It also states that the guard suffered from pain and light sensitivity due to retinal damage. He must lubricate his eye regularly and “can do laser surgery to make it completely better,” the verdict said.

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In addition to the situation outside City Hall, Filter Nyheter writes that on March 4 this year, he and Zionist leader Lars Thorsen were convicted of inciting Muslims to carry burning Korans when they drove to a mosque in Doen, Oslo. . According to the Oslo District Court, the spray was used against a passerby who tried to stop the burning of the Koran.

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In sentencing, the court insisted that the Xian activist knew that he was already under investigation for spraying in City Hall during the Toen situation.

– Emergency Keeper

The defendant’s bodyguard told the court that the actions of the Cyan activist outside City Hall were “impunity carried out to prevent an illegal attack,” but the court ruled that the guard “did not act intentionally or with gross negligence.” In all cases, it is clear that the alleged “defensive action” was out of place. Therefore, this act will not be punished in self-defense. ”

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The convicted activist is considering an appeal against the verdict:

– Opportunity to appeal against the judgment. One of the many questions in that case is the court’s assessment of interference with legal identities and the protection of such identities, writes Håkon Juell Hassel, a lawyer for the law firm Elton, in a text message to Filter Nyheter.