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Alta med Nordlyskatedralen

The debate over the separation of Troms and Finmark is high, and many politicians in Alta have argued that it is a municipality. Should become part of the Troms In the future.

But only a third of those who voted in the NRK poll are willing to announce a change when the county is divided.

  • Altavaringin is divided between the Trams and Finmark question To Split.
  • Now that they are divorced, the clear majority says they will be part of Finmark, as the government has decided.
  • Yet the vast majority believe the Finmark team would not have won as a separate district without Alta.

Younger age groups are a little more positive about the future at Finmark than older ones.

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John Martin Rishak hopes that as the referendum approaches, many residents will see the benefit of being in Troms.

Photo: NRK

Deputy Mayor John Martin Rishak (center party) wanted to go to the drums, but in this case he thinks the lack of people with him is the wrong focus. In any case, there should be a referendum, he says.

– That decision is huge, citizens have to take it. 35 In the municipal council we will not decide.

He pointed out that during the 2018 referendum, 67 percent of residents said no to the big district. He says this trend will turn people towards the Troms.

But in comparison NRK poll in May this year Has it gone the other way instead:

Now there are many who want to stay in Finmark, but it happened Further Insecure and Less Who likes troms.

More understanding in Troms

Rishak sits on the county council and says he has had good experiences after two years with the Troms.

They have a greater understanding of the challenges we face in Alta than anyone in the rest of Finmark.

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Rishak receives full support from Kristen Albert Ellingson, who sits on the County Council for the Conservative Party.

– In my opinion, it’s very good to go to the Troms, because we should not regret what we enjoy at the Troms.

When asked what the opposition has in common, Ellinson mentions a special health service, a disputed ferry route (Worksend Expression) and a dispute over money for a high school.

We had a completely different conversation about Alta’s challenges in the new county council compared to the old one, he says.

Ellingson believes the debate over districts revolved around emotions and identity. More and more people will see Troms when it comes to discussing services for residents, he believes.

The rift can be overcome

John Martin believes the controversy over Rishak Alta’s whereabouts could overturn the entire division of Trams and Finmark.

– Of course it can do it. If the majority of Alta residents want us to be a part of the Troms, perhaps the Ut Tokino will follow the burden. Then I think it might whistle.

Rishak believes that if the government does not contribute to rebuilding Finmark – with or without Alta – more debt will be a major obstacle.

Wenche Peterson makes champagne pops to celebrate the county split

Watts Mayor Wench Pederson jumped the champagne when the government decided that Trump and Finmark should be separated. She is happy to be the majority finmarkers in Alta.

Photo: Rune N. Andreason / NRK

Want to join Alta

County Mayor Darjee Jensen Bech believes it is wrong to oppose Alta, even though the city does not have a complete hospital.

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– Alta is a large city, with a university town in Finmark and a very vibrant business community, which is incredibly important to the rest of the district, he says.

He is pleased to be the majority finmarkers in the municipality. This is Wenge Peterson, the former mayor of the county capital, Watsey.

Alta needs Finmark and Alta needs Finmark. We are naturally together.

Federson believes that over the years county projects have shown its role for Alta, including the establishment of a college (which is now a university).

– In practice: What is the problem if Alta leaves Finmark?

– I do not want it to bother my head because I do not think it will happen, says Peterson.

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