About the drone: – Two airports were closed

About the drone: - Two airports were closed

Past: At 21.41, Avinor reported that the airspace of the two airports had been reopened.

– We can confirm that a drone was spotted from a flight that took off from Sola Airport this evening. This led air traffic controllers to close the airport, Avinor spokesman Harald Kvam told Dagbladet earlier on Sunday.

Haugesund Airport was also closed as a result of the surveillance, he said.

– We don’t know where it is because it was seen so high up, Kwam said.

– How close was the drone to the reporting aircraft?

– I have not received information that there is danger on the way to the plane.

Guam says surveillance is now a police matter and they are cooperating with local police. And he mentions the police district responsible for the comment.

Match: On October 13, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense released a video showing a Russian and Ukrainian drone encountering each other in the air. Correspondent: Marte Nyløkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV
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The Sour-West Police District wrote on Twitter that the drone was monitored by the control tower.

VG was the first to note the closure of the airspace above Sola.

– Very quiet

Dogbladet was in contact with a 50-year-old man who had to catch a flight from Sola to Oslo at 20.35. That plan was drastically altered.

“We were informed that the airspace is closed due to a malfunction, and the company has informed us that we can expect to land in Oslo tonight,” the person said.

– Unrest among passengers at the airport?

– It’s very quiet, he replied.

Lateness: A person reporting directly from Sola should plan to arrive home in Oslo a little later than planned. Photo: Screenshot / Private
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Police: Hard to follow

Irene Ragnhildstveit, operations manager of the Sør-West police district, tells Dagbladet that until now the police have not been able to obtain a continuous surveillance of the drone to any specific extent, and therefore do not have many leads to go on. .

– We are waiting to see if there is any new news. For now, we don’t have to go any further, says Rocknhildstvedt.

– Can you say something about how the police are handling the case?

– When we don’t see anything, it’s a bit difficult. She replies that we tried to look for it, but now there is nothing else to look for.

Ragnhildstveit added that they were informed about the incident at 19.30

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