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Sneaky assassination attempt on a journalist in Holland!

According to police, the main Dutch crime reporter in the attack in the middle of Amsterdam was Peter R. De Vries was seriously injured. According to Dutch reporters, he was shot several times. De Vries was shot in the head at a hospital and is in critical condition. Nothing has been reported about the background of the crime so far. Two suspects were arrested on a motorway, one in Amsterdam, the Dutch said.AD“.

Police women shocked at crime scenePhoto: EVA PLEVIER / REUTERS

At around 7.30pm, according to media reports, 64-year-old De Vries was shot dead as he left the RDL Boulevard TV studio by journalist at Lightseplin in central Amsterdam. De Vries recently took part in a live broadcast in which he regularly appears. Witnesses identified the victim, and videos of the crime were distributed on social media.

A video from a surveillance camera is circulating on the Internet, followed by a broadcast by Peter R. De Vries shows walking down a street. He was wearing a light gray dress and seemed to be looking at his phone. A few seconds later, a man wearing a motorcycle helmet walks behind. Police in a car patrol the normal way, turn right. You may hear gunshots a few seconds later.

Another video shows a man, dressed in a light gray suit, lying lifeless on the ground. Blood stretched from under his head. It is said to be de Vries. A woman wipes him and tries to talk to him.

The VU Medical Center in Amsterdam is heavily guarded by armed police officers.  De Vries is receiving treatment here

The VU Medical Center in Amsterdam is heavily guarded by armed police officers. De Vries is receiving treatment herePhoto: E.P.A.

At a news conference late in the evening, Mayor Femke Halsema said: “This time Peter R. We know De Vries is fighting for his life. He is a national athlete. This is a cowardly and brutal crime. “

Prime Minister Mark Rutte: “This is an attack on the free press. Attack on the brave journalist. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Now the most important thing is that he survives. “

Justice Minister Gropperhaus and Prime Minister Rutte responded with great emotion to the attack. Gropperhaus talked about a black day and an attack on freedom.

Shortly afterwards, the Dutch royal family responded to the attack via Facebook and Twitter.

“The news that journalist Peter R. de Vries has been shot has shaken us deeply. He and everyone close to him are in our minds,” the post said.

He added: “Journalists can carry out their important tasks freely and without hindrance. We feel that we are united with all those who are campaigning for free press in our constitutional state. “

De Vries is the Netherlands’ leading crime correspondent and regularly appears as a spokesman for victims or witnesses at trials. He is currently a crowned witness in a major organized criminal investigation. In connection with the trial, the lawyer of the key witness was shot dead in 2019.

Police are investigating, and no background is known yet

Police are investigating, and no background is known yetPhoto: E.P.A.

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