Andreas stranded with infection in Cape Town

Andreas stranded with infection in Cape Town

A total of four Norwegians have been confirmed to have Omicron – a mutation in the coronavirus as the first Reported in South Africa.

In addition, dozens of Norwegians are suspected of being infected with the new variant.

The person suspected of being infected with the omikron virus is the Norwegian Andreas Saaghus. He is isolated in a hotel room in Cape Town after testing positive for coronavirus while on a business trip.

Mild symptoms: Andreas Sagos says it’s very likely he has the omicron variant, after his colleagues confirmed it. Sagos said all three experienced only mild symptoms. Photo: private

– I did not receive confirmation directly, but I traveled with two of my Swedish colleagues, who returned home just before the border closed, and received confirmation that they had an omikron, he tells TV 2.

Sagos said the three colleagues fell ill at the same time.

“So it’s natural to think that’s the variant we got from the whole gang,” he points out.

Furthermore, he says, he and his colleagues experienced only mild symptoms.

– I’m fine, my neck hurts a little, but mostly. I’ve had the vaccination twice, so it definitely helps, he tells TV2.

Unsecured future

Before he can go home, he must take a negative test, which Sagos expects to take up to two weeks.

– I need a negative test to be able to travel, so we may have to stay here for a few more weeks, he says.

He adds:

– I have to be in quarantine until Saturday, it’s been ten days since the first symptoms appeared. But we are simply waiting. We have a return ticket on December 9th, after which we don’t quite know.

Unfortunately, if the effect of the vaccine is reduced

Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Nakstad compares the Omicron chaos when the world encountered both alpha and delta variants.

Information that health authorities now have indicates that the new variant is more contagious, but what it brings is premature, according to Nakstad.

It is unfortunate that the effect of the vaccine is reduced or become more dangerous, but if it becomes less dangerous, it will not be a pity, says the assistant director of health.

He adds:

We can’t take any chances in this best-case scenario. Now we have to get an overview, we also have to wait until we get to know about the effect of the vaccine and how severe your infection is in terms of the delta variant.

– In two weeks, we know much more

Expect a response within 2 weeks

He asserts that the only thing they have specific pointers to is that the variable is transmitted more easily. Therefore, he believes that it will be a huge advantage if Norway limits the spread of infection as much as possible in the next two weeks.

– Within two weeks, we know more about the course of the disease and which groups are most susceptible.

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