Conservatives are laying the groundwork against climate minister Ed

Conservatives are laying the groundwork against climate minister Ed

Nikolai Astrub will be the Conservative Party’s energy and environmental policy spokesman. – So far we have not seen any traces of climate policy, where there is a link between goals and tools, says the former minister.

Nikolai Astrup (H) is ready to be the Conservative Party’s energy policy spokesman.

The decision was made at a meeting of the Conservative Party’s parliamentary committee on Monday. The former minister will be Espen Barth Aids (Labor Party), the climate minister opposite the pole at Storting.

Astruff held several cabinet positions in the Solberg government. Finally, he was Minister of Home Affairs and Modernization, the UN Secretary-General for Sustainable Development. He, like Espen Barth Aid, lives in Oslo. Astrub was previously head of the Oslo Conservatives.

He will now chair the Conservative Party’s faction on Sporting’s Energy and Environment Committee.

– This is a group I know well. I sat there from 2009 to 2015. At the time we are entering, this is an incredibly important and exciting team, ”Astruff told Aftonbosten.

– What is your relationship with Espen Barth Aid?

– I have respect for Aid and am in good tone with him. The Minister of Petroleum and Energy is also totally at the center of this group, and this will be a new introduction. But at the same time, the team’s work is more comprehensive than these two. Green change is about fundamental change in society, which affects the majority of ministries, says Astrub.

Calls for action

The store government has given Norway a new climate target. By 2030, Norway will have reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent, measured against 1990. Fits across the target
Economy and should be taken in Norway.

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At the same time, the government will reduce taxes that affect most people. An example of fuel taxes. To increase the CO2 tax to NOK 2,000 by 2030, the recent government will retain the Soulberg government’s key grip on climate policy.

A calculation error in the climate statistics confirms that climate policy will be more demanding in the coming years than the starting point last winter.

Astrub is not very impressed yet.

They follow the ambitious goals of the previous government. But so far we have not seen traces of climate policy where there is a connection between targets and tools. But the Conservatives should be a creative driving force here. We will contribute to solutions that reduce emissions and facilitate responsible restructuring of the business community and the public sector.

Strengthens attack resistance

Astraf promises to give the government constructive and offensive resistance.

– We have laid a solid foundation for the government in the climate report we have provided. At the same time, a lot is going to happen. Digitization and new technology will provide new opportunities to reduce emissions and solve tasks in the best ways. Conservatives will emphasize the use of the market in the service of the environment. When the economy is restructured in a steady, green and circular direction, we must do so in a way that is profitable and creates new and greener jobs.

Is the goal of becoming a private business ombudsman in restructuring?

– The public and the rest of the department and the community need to adapt at a rapid pace. Conservatives are concerned with value creation and the creation of new jobs, while at the same time we must take into account the daily lives of the people. The green change should not be the end of something good, but the beginning of something better.

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