Customs, Transport | He hopes the new fare system on boats will be a gift package for foreign criminals

Customs, Transport |  He hopes the new fare system on boats will be a gift package for foreign criminals

Norges Lostbilier – Porband Customs takes firm stance against Skytel’s new tariff system. The association believes the system is naive, and this will contribute to further ambush.

On Monday, customs agency Skytel issued a press release stating that car boats can no longer be paid for by cash or card.

Vehicles without an auto pass must register the trip within 48 hours at Otherwise, a fee of 70 kroner awaits.

From September, there will be a fee for all vehicles without an autopass contract not registered with FerryPay. In some ways, the fare will be higher than the actual boat ticket, Skytel AS wrote in a press release.

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Free tickets

Khair A., ​​CEO of the Norwegian Truck Owners Prohibition (NFL). Moe was excited when Netavison announced the change. He responds harshly to the new payment system.

– It will soon become a free ticket for those who do not have a car pass, he tells Netavision.

He thinks sending invoices to Eastern Europe is naive – in the hope that they will be paid.

– To send an invoice to “AS Lavprisekspressen i Litauen”, for those who do not register on, and for those who threaten with a fee of 70 kroner, he notes that I do not believe it.

– I also have doubts about the collection system that will be implemented here, says Mo.

He thinks one problem is that Larry can join the boat without money. Moe is not confident that the invoice will arrive in the mail after three days.

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– This solution takes a step back in the fight against thugs. Here, one has to call the Norwegian Public Road Administration or the police and load the legal fee of 8000 kroner into trucks without invalid pieces.

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The law requires that all trucks over 3.5 tons must have an autopass. If the truck does not have such a passport, a fee of 8000 kroner per vehicle will be charged.

– What is going to happen now is, with the blessing of the Norwegian Public Road Administration, allowing trucks operating illegally to pass without reaction. With a valid chip it is required by law – so this procedure you want now is completely incomprehensible and mocks those who value the law, says Moe.

– What do you think about the fake car tag problem on foreign trucks? What does Scott now introduce?

– For me, it is obvious that it makes it easier to cheat. All they have to do is drop them at sea and then call the police and the road administration, he says, adding:

– Those who are deliberate thugs, this can not be prevented. We must stop being naive and believe that we are dealing with honest traders. Deliberate thugs with fake pieces in the car, can not stop them, he says cash.

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Problems with foreign trucks

According to previous reports by the Norwegian Public Road Administration and the Norwegian Truck Owners Association (NFL) Eastern European trucks in particular have failed to pay or operate with fake chips.

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The NFL has previously documented that four foreign drivers were exempt from tolls.

The report of the Norwegian Public Road Administration did not impress the payment capacity of foreign companies. Nearly 40 percent of the invoice has not been paid.

More than 20 million foreign vehicles cross Norwegian roads a year.

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Language issues

Doc Hole, project manager for the Norwegian Public Road Administration’s Autopass boat in the Operation and Maintenance Division, told Netavision that the consideration of infection control during the corona epidemic forced a new toll solution.

Hole believes that many companies have an autopass deal – overseas. He believes the new solution is good for business. Among other things, he highlights the benefits of having a receipt digital.

He is not afraid that Skytel’s solution will give more room for maneuver for those who want to deceive the computer.

– We have a foreign company that specializes in collecting money from foreign companies that do not pay for the boat or other customs.

How will you interact with foreign drivers about the new system?

He says the crew on board will deliver the flyers in English, which will inform them about the new system.

He acknowledges that achieving drivers who do not understand English can be a challenge, and acknowledges that it can be a challenge.

However, Hall categorically rejects the NLF’s criticism.

He insists the bills were sent overseas before Ferrero-Waldner came to light.

– This is nothing new, he says.

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– Will the new system lead to lower or higher bills abroad?

– This will lead to lower bills. The NFL’s claim is so unreasonable that I can not relate to it, he says, continuing:

In the worst case scenario, that would lead to many bills today, to the lowest bills in the worst case scenario.

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