Draft Panic of the Supreme Court – VG

Draft Panic of the Supreme Court - VG
Demonstrator: Kristen Hering was among the thousands who demonstrated in Austin, Texas on Tuesday afternoon.

Kristen Hering Austin (VG) fought for several weeks to end a complicated pregnancy in Texas. The leaked Supreme Court draft hints at a future in which the matter has become impossible in the country.


The 31-year-old started bleeding at week 13 of her pregnancy, but the doctor told her it was because “she was walking a lot”.

Seven weeks later, she found out that her husband’s desired pregnancy had been partially aborted.

– When I found out all this, I knew I might die. My daughter was already dying inside of me, Herring tells VG.

Her cervix was open. There was a risk of blood poisoning. There have been a number of complications with the fetus, but they have not yet reached the threshold of a serious enough medical emergency.

– My daughter did not abort. I stayed there. I have noticed how weaker and weaker I am. She would love to sit here on this page, she says and take care of the left side of her stomach.

I can feel life flowing from me too, says Hering.

March: After a demonstration outside the local convention building, the crowd marched down Congress Avenue in Austin.

25000 kr

Last year, the state’s controversial six-week law was introduced, which would have made it impossible for her to have an abortion.

And yesterday it became known that the majority in the US Supreme Court is in one project He wants to reject the federal right to abortion.

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– I cried. I had a panic attack. It wasn’t pretty. It’s making me physically ill,” Herring says of the news.

Five years ago, when I had an abortion, a number of restrictions had already been introduced in Texas.

I couldn’t use my private health insurance. Hering says it was not allowed here to be used for an abortion with me, even in the situation I was in.

Her miscarriage, at the end of the twenty-first week of pregnancy, cost her more than 25,000 kroner. At the same time, she was earning just under 3000 kroner per week and thus was dependent on help from her family.

Decision: From left to bottom sit Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who wrote the leaked draft, Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor. Back from left are Brett Kavanaugh, Elena Kagan, Neil Gorsuch and Amy Connie Barrett. Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan are a liberal minority on the court.

Mississippi case

The parties in the case now being heard by the Supreme Court are Mississippi health authorities and The last remaining abortion clinic in the state.

The question is basically whether a state law banning abortion after week 15 can still apply.

After the Supreme Court under President Trump secured a conservative majority of six to three, the US Supreme Court decided to hear the case.

Abortion advocates then began to fear that the reason was that a majority in the Supreme Court wanted a case they could override Roe against Wade’s 1973 decision.

Roe v. Wade is the Supreme Court ruling that spent 49 years establishing the right to abortion in the United States. In the leaked draft, it appears that five judges want to remove Roe v. Wade as a precedent.

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If it falls, the right to abortion will be a matter to be decided at the state level.

Attended: Musician Lina Lucarelli (26) and barista Jordan Schaeffer (24) during a demonstration in Austin. “We are here to support the right to abortion,” they told VG.

It can be completely blocked

Texas – and other countries – have been introduced A few simple laws Which in various ways had limited access to abortion, without ending up on a collision course with Roe vs. Wade.

Herring had to take a full week off work and drive to nearby San Antonio, an hour south, to complete the process.

Whether the final decision of the Supreme Court is so verified The draft notes that her situation would have been more difficult.

– I must have traveled to New Mexico (1100 km west of Austin, editor’s note) and it cost me 90,000 kroner. I may have gone to my family in Chicago, but… I try not to think about it, she says.

Resistance: Demonstrations were held across the United States on Tuesday at 17:00 local time. The Texas State Capitol in Austin can be seen in the background.

half the country

If Roe v. is ignored. Wade, it would open the way for abortion to be completely banned in Texas – the state where Roe’s case also originated.

Texas is among a total of 13 states that have a so-called “trigger law”.

So it would be an abortion criminal Here starting from the first day of pregnancy, except in very special cases. Today, anyone who assists with an abortion after the sixth week may be at risk civil Lawsuits.

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In all, about half of US states will fully or partially prohibit abortion.

– This is a big step backwards

More than 1,000 protesters showed up Tuesday afternoon local time outside the Texas State Capitol, the state’s Capitol, to show their opposition to the Supreme Court.

Corresponding demonstrations took place at the same time throughout the country.

– This infusion is a gift. He gave us a window to work, said a speaker to the crowd before walking in.

Concern: Lauren Moore (39) demonstrated yesterday in Austin.

One of the activists present was Lauren Moore, 39.

Fundamental human rights are taken from us. Moore says this affects women, especially poor and non-white women, but not men.

She herself cannot have children, but is worried about her nieces.

– It’s so unrealistic that we should take such a big step back. We’ve been going there since Trump was elected in 2016. It’s horrible. She says this will end up killing many women.

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