Electricity Price, Center Party | Maurit Ernstad hopes to re-negotiate power transfer agreements

Electricity Price, Center Party |  Maurit Ernstad hopes to re-negotiate power transfer agreements

– After all, the transfer of power will no longer be a transfer to Norway, but pure exports, says Merritt Ernstadt at the Center Party.

The current power crisis has created challenges for many Norwegians. On the 500,000-member Facebook group “We demand cheap electricity”, Norwegians talk about a worrying Christmas.

Some use the stove in the living room to heat food, while others light up the delights and try to get more heat into the house. Dissatisfaction with our elected representatives is also a frequently discussed topic.

In addition, more and more members want to reduce electricity exports to other parts of Europe and hope that this will ensure us cheaper electricity prices.

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The cost of generating electricity per kilowatt hour is about 11.57 re. Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, But today the market price is very high.

On Monday, the 3rd of Christmas, electricity will be average It costs 1 kroner and 79 re per kilowatt hour.

Today, Norway has energy cooperation with other EUs through the EU agency Acer, the EU’s third energy market group. While the market determines the price of electricity, Acer has rules for the distribution, production and distribution of electricity. Norway has decided to join Acer in 2018 with a majority of Labor, Progressive Party, Conservatives, Liberals and the Green Party.

Now says Sp-top Marit Arnstad DN He will review power transfer agreements and discuss Acer’s future role.

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– We are in a difficult situation

Arnstad told the newspaper that the structural causes of the power crisis could be serious and that many countries were in the process of recovering from the adjustment.

– Especially when the UK closes gas storage, Germany removes 17 nuclear plants, makes it clear that Belgium will remove one from 2025, and when the new North Stream pipeline between Russia and Germany does not come, you take a lot of adjustable potential from the European market. Arnstadt tells DN that this will happen before the renewable energy can be obtained and stopped.

In this scenario, our neighbors in Europe are highly dependent on Norwegian hydropower, while the actual return of electricity will not always be when we need it.

– All these power transfers are no longer transfers to Norway, but pure exports. The pressure on hydropower will be even greater. Our reservoirs are important, but Europe is also useless to at least drain them. So we are in a difficult situation and I believe there is a reason for Norway to reconsider its power transfer agreements.

Moreover, the politician believes that we should make power generators and electricity suppliers more responsible than we are at present.

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Confusion about the role of Acer

There is great disagreement among politicians, experts and interested groups on how much Acer cooperation affects high electricity prices.

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Faktisk.no He writes that Acer has little to do with Norway’s electricity prices, but the fact that Norway is connected to the European electricity market will lead to higher electricity prices.

Acer is becoming a symbol of European power transfer.

On the other hand, Morton Harper, head of the study “No to the EU”, believes that the EU’s merger with the energy union will have an impact on electricity prices in Norway.

– If a new foreign cable is to be built, it will still be licensed by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, but the ACER connection is politically, economically and legally stressful, Harbor wrote in a discussion post on Netavicen. In December.

Response to வாதyvind Strømmen’s discussion post “If ACER is blamed for the price of electricity, there is really cause for concern”.

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