Historic defeat for Ap in Finland – Conservative Party takes power

Historic defeat for Ap in Finland – Conservative Party takes power

Ap has lost power in Finland for the first time in history. – This is a political earthquake. The Conservative Party looks set to lose power in Baram, says election expert Jonas Stein.

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It’s been a prosperous week for northern Norway.

We summarize:

  • is Nord-Norgebanen He was found dead – Again.
  • Cook’s conflict with Harstad politics has seriously hardened.
  • The iconic Scotsman pub is dead – and resurrected Third day.
  • Political editor Skjalg Fjellheim Ends at Nordlys. He will now travel from Tromsø to Bodø – it is unclear whether this fate is even possible.

Last, but not least: On Friday it became clear that the Labor Party was headed for a historic defeat in Finland.

For the first time since the introduction of elections to the county council, they have lost power in Finnmark, while the Conservative Party now holds the county mayor chain.

– That’s every reason to celebrate, Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg tells VG.

Action: For the first time in Finland, the Conservative Party is in power.  This gives Erna Solberg a reason to celebrate, otherwise the party leader needs a political autumn.

First time it happens

The new majority in Finland consists of Nordkälodfolket, the Conservative Party, the Progress Party, the Center Party, the Liberal Party, the Christian People’s Party and the Industry and Business Party.

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– This is a rare political earthquake. The Conservatives’ loss of power in Parm would be shocking, says Jonas Stein, an election analyst at the University of Tromsø.

– We have dominated Finnmark since the county council elections in the 70s, says Stein.

A point of view on politics: Jonas Stein holds a PhD in political science from the University of Tromsø.  He believes that the significance of Ap's defeat in Finnmark cannot be overstated.

He points out that the Labor Party won 45.9 percent support in the 2015 local elections. They were reduced to 22.8 percent in this fall’s election.

Stein says Melkoya had a certain influence on the election results — but says Ap’s decline began before then.

– There have been many conflicts in Finland. Between reindeer husbandry and industrial projects, mine development and other large industries such as wind power. Additionally, there is a conflict between east and west, Vadsø in the east and Alta in the west, Stein explains.

A heavy defeat for AB

Stein points to this as a key conflict in the region.

The first election was a snap election for the Noortkalotfolket, which emerged as the second largest party with 19 percent support.

– In Sami politics, the people of Norkalotu can be classified as a radical party. They are skeptical about the Sami parliament and reindeer herding and more rights for the Sami. He explains that their progress is decisive for App now to lose power.

Ap has won mayor in every election in Finland. Finland only had a county mayor from another party in 2005 when Helga Pedersen resigned as county mayor to become the Minister of Fisheries. Then took District Deputy MayorDistrict Deputy MayorSuffocation! Try saying it three times quickly in a row. From SV, Kirsty Saxe, District Mayor Chain.

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– This is another symbolic blow from Ap and Støre, which hits hard in the crisis they are already in.

Struggle for chains: Finnmark's next county mayor is Hans-Jakob Bona.  Here he is pictured with Labor front-runner Linda Peet Randall.  In recent years, he served as director of Innovation Norway.

OK: – Very funny

The next county mayor of Finnmark is Hans-Jacob Bønå.

– For the first time, we’ve knocked the peg off the hook. It’s pretty funny, I have to admit, Bona tells VG.

He is second to none when it comes to breaking records for the Labor Party. In 2015, he won election in Watzow and wrested the mayoral chain from AP – after holding it continuously since 1933.

– Now we’ve managed it again, he says with satisfaction.

Bona points out that over the next four years, reversing population decline, curbing a more demanding economy and “growing the backlog” will be his most important issues.

Party leader Erna Solberg is very satisfied with the result.

– For the first time in 99 years, we are the largest party in the country in an election, and I am very happy about every mayor and district mayor, now across the country, including the North. It’s clear that it’s extra fun to take some scalps like Finnmark and Trondheim, and it’s become clear that we’ll rule today, he says.

Labour: Incredibly sad

– No, what should I say? We did not do well in the elections. But we’ve become an even bigger party, and I don’t think we’ll end up on the outside, says Linda Peet Randall, Ap’s first candidate in Finnmark.

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He says Labor had made inquiries with both Noortkalotfolket and the Conservatives, but talks broke down when it became clear that Noortkalotfolket was targeting the Conservatives to win the county mayor, despite Labour’s double. As big as the Conservative Party.

– As a ruling party, we could not agree to that. Then it happened.

FRIERFERD: Jonas Kar Storr has been to Finnmark several times - since he visited the reindeer herders this winter after the Fossen demonstrations in Oslo.  However, voters in traditional Andhra have turned their backs on him.

This is the first time the app ends up in opposition in Finland.

– I think it’s incredibly sad. We are just now through forced annexation where Ap was resolved after a difficult battle in Finnmarkingen. Nevertheless, it is the Conservative Party responsible for the merger that takes the most prominent position. I think it’s broken, says Randall.

Resignation negotiations were held

The second largest party in the election – and the largest party in the new coalition – Nordkalottfolket.

They stripped all the important posts including the post of District Mayor.

– We have done so to gain political influence. We are not too concerned about positions, says first candidate Magne Ek.

Ek, who was once a vice-chancellor in the district council, says none of their representatives have experience in leading meetings, so it’s easy to give up the post of district mayor and deputy mayor.

Election winner: Magne Ek in Nordkalotfolket says they were stripped of positions for political influence.

One position important to them, however, is one of the board seats at Fefo – Finnmarkseiendommen. A company that manages large areas of public property in Finland.

Ek says they are an alternative voice NSRNSRNorwegian Sami National Association In the Sami Parliament, and the most important issue of the Nordkalot people is “equality”.

– That’s the word we care about the most. Equality between people and businesses.

– What does that mean?

– In Finland there is one industry that controls many, the reindeer herding industry. That stops the county from growing because they say no anyway. We criticize it because we need other industries to develop, he says.

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