Industry, work | Stordalen’s advice for job seekers:

Industry, work |  Stordalen's advice for job seekers:

Hotel King Peter A. For Stortell, it is important to look at the person behind the CV and formal education.

Kvadraturen (Nettavisen Økonomi): Nettavisen meets a hotel owner in November in a fascinating attack sponsored by NHO Reiseliv to launch more in the hotel and restaurant industry.

The meeting took place before the outbreak of the epidemic and the new strike. Many hotels and restaurants are finding it difficult to find skilled workers. Stordalon gets an immediate response from 300 people, many of whom have a minority background, when he posts from the roster in a well-known style.

Then personally, Nordic Choice Hotels says that the most important thing is to look for a little bit of professionalism behind the job seekers’ CV:

– What person is here? How you are is important to us and our culture. Communication in Nordic Choice, economists, receptionists, marketing, cleaning, catering, all in one house.

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No language barrier

– If you do not know the language, the workplace is the best way to learn the language. If you are good at cooking or cleaning or in the living room, you have as much language as possible. But our whole idea is to find people and see what fits you, Stordalan tells Netavicen Economy.

And some of the audience quickly excelled with the feedback he praised.

– When I stand on stage, I see immense joy, excitement and smiles and encouragement. I spoke through lectures with eight to ten people in the hall. In the classic recruitment process with interviews and more, you will rarely get the same excitement and excitement here.

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The hotel owner, to those who were there, really finds an overwhelming desire to get a job.

– I’ve met a lot of people, and they want only one thing: work to go to in the morning. Here I meet 300 people, all of whom are positive and happy.

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Perfect setup

Stordalan says he has seen many of the employees of the Nordic Choice chains. Many of them were not hired because of their biodata, but by the people they are. If they have the right attitude, the chain of choice will teach you a lot.

The most important thing in a job interview is not what you say, but what you say: this is what I want to work for, and this is what I think I can do.

– You want to go to work “in the morning” and you are eager to deliver. This is important, and then it is important to express some positive motivation and energy. I also want people to be open and honest about their good pages and things with challenges. Then it is much easier to steer in the right direction.

According to Stortalen, I have been very lucky all my life to hire people better than myself. He cites CEO Torgeir Silseth as the first and best example, but this also applies to many.

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– If so, I am very concerned that you should have respect and mutual respect for others. Nordic Choice is active in, among other things, “Bright” and in many cases.

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– Not because we want to be so political, but because it’s an important part of our culture, we do not celebrate it. It is about human rights, it is a human right to love anyone.

His own life did not always go smoothly. The 59-year-old was fired in 1996 by Stein-Eric Hagen, a major partner in Stein & Storm, who has been co-owner of Stortalen since 1992.

– If you do not agree with the direction of a company, it is natural for the owners of the company to decide what should happen. But it was a fantastic opportunity for me because I worked a lot in shopping malls and Stein & Storm was a canonical success.

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Out of the top

– I felt like I went upstairs says the hotel principal. He has now been in and out of shopping centers by Sector Group, a large group owned by the Finnish Citican.

– Did you have nAre there any tricks or tips for where you are today?

– I took the opportunities that came my way. In 1987 at that time I had no chance of dreaming of getting a job as a center manager at the City Side in Trontheim, and then I got it. Then I was hunted down by Atlee Brinestot.

– I thought you were sitting there doing a super job and earning well and succeeding, but now I want to use the opportunity and do something new. Then I started working for him, running both Brynestat shopping centers and real estate, Stortalen responds.

Prinestot also owned the clothing chain BikBok, and suddenly Stordalen was the CEO of BikBok for a year.

Became my life

– Life takes a turn you did not expect, in 1996 when I reluctantly left Stein & Storm, hotels came as an opportunity. It started as an investment in my life and then it became my life.

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– What is the best advice you have received in your life?

– In many ways the most important advice is to actually stand in line and do it, without thinking about it. If I had not gone to that interview and traveled to Trondheim I would not be where I am today. Sure, it’s a bit about the CV and where you work, but it’s about who you are as a human being.

– What do you think is your most important attribute?

– I love people so much, I have a real interest in others. I think human history is exciting.

No dreams or plans

– Torgeir Silseth is a prime example of such a company throughout Nordic Choice. He started out as a chef and has no dreams or plans to end up as CEO. He has been sitting there for 20 years now.

– You must have seen him something very quickly?

– I saw it right away. When I first saw Dorjeer, I saw that all the other leaders had little to do with him. He had a natural defense and never left Watnefjordan (hometown, author’s note) and the values ​​he had with him.

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