Line Andersen, The Game | Line Andersen receives worrying messages in her inbox: – I'm not quite myself

Line Andersen, The Game |  Line Andersen receives worrying messages in her inbox: – I'm not quite myself

– It's liberating to be a whole person on TV, with strengths and weaknesses and all that you have.

This is what journalist and TV analyst Line Andersen (50 years old) tells Netavisen. She is currently appearing in TV 2's 'The Game', which has impressed TV viewers in recent weeks.

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-You may think it's scary to show yourself good and evil, but it's not. She adds that being a girl who takes her place, who is allowed to be smart and clear and decide something sometimes, is very beautiful.

– The “edgier” side of the line

“The Game” is Andersen's second brush with reality television. She previously appeared on “71 Degrees North,” but most people probably know her from something very different from the reality genre.

For many years she was a prominent name in the NRK system, where until 2019 she was a presenter and reporter for NRK Sport.

Even though she already showed a lot of herself there, she wasn't allowed to reveal it in the same way.

– As a sports presenter in particular, you're at the intersection between news and entertainment, which can often be a bit innocuous. So, I think it's really fun to show a more “exciting” side of Line in “The Game,” she tells Nettavisen.

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However, so far in 'The Game', Andersen's 'more irritable' side has not been overly evident. But she promised he would come.

-I've received a lot of comments that I'm very calm, because I'm usually not. But I'm waiting for a lot. I'm very loud and tough-talking, but only when I know what I'm talking about. I don't jump right in and be totally baja, like.

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– So far I've been quite quiet, but then I'll be a little more involved. “And I can't wait to see that,” she says.

I have received disturbing messages

Andersen is especially looking forward to having friends and acquaintances be able to see the line they know from the outside on screen, something she'll likely be getting comments and comments about very soon.

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The 50-year-old tells Nettavisen that every Sunday evening she receives long messages from near and dear ones who want to discuss the program and everything that happens there. But so far the talks have not been limited to the course of events.

-There are many people who wonder how I really feel. People who have taken care of me all these years, who miss me when I speak up and take up some space. “They were a little worried, because I'm not exactly like myself at first,” Andersen says.

– Which almost makes me worry, because they cut it so well that I'm starting to wonder. It's as if I called TV 2 and told her that they now have to take care of her handwriting, she laughs.

However, she believes people will get to know her better in the future.

Open to more reality

As mentioned, “The Game” is Andersen's second reality show, and she's open to doing more.

But she doesn't agree to anything.

– I'm very grateful that TV 2 found my name in the pile when they were about to make this program. She is so sweet – almost a miracle to me, she smiles.

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“But I also said no a lot, because it wasn't right for me,” she adds.

If she's going to do something more, she wants it to be something up the same street as “The Game” and “71 Degrees North,” not something that plays on the conflicts that arise between people.

What it will eventually become remains to be seen.

– But what I want most is to practice my profession, and I hope that at one time or another I will be able to return to it. And if it doesn't work, it works well, too, Andersen says.

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