Norway to change oil jobs within 15 years – Viji

Norway to change oil jobs within 15 years - Viji

It grows in Bergen: One of the warnings of the latest climate report is heavy monsoon. MDGs Lon Marie Berg and Arilt Hermstadt want the right speed in oil change. Photo: Helge Scottwin

MDG’s leading candidates, Lon Marie Berg in Oslo and Eulert Hermstadt in Hardland, say the Bergen (VG) Conservatives and Labor are delaying their transition from oil jobs to green jobs. They fear future jobs in oil-dependent communities in western Norway.


– We are ambassadors of bad news. MDG vice president Arild Hermstad tells VG that oil dependence should decrease, so restructuring should begin quickly.

Then UN Updated Climate Report Released on Monday, MDGs soared in increased support from members and voters.

The party announces more than 2,000 new members. It was celebrated with a cake party on Friday afternoon at the Bergen Center.

According to This week VG’s parameter lThe Green Party received 5.1 percent of the vote. It could get a parliamentary seat for Lon Marie Berg, Erl Hermstadt and seven other Green MPs after this fall election.

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MDG wants to stop the role – support for a pure labor government


– Leaders around the world have received the message from the UN Climate Commission with great seriousness. Hermstad says if we do not speed up the restructuring, we will have to compete with the United Kingdom and China in finding the best green solutions.

MTG believes the change should start where it depends on oil. He mentions several local communities in Hartland at risk, for example Mangstad, Icordon, Pamlo and Stort.

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MDG Top believes most oil jobs in Norway will be gone in just 15 years:

– We aim to reduce all emissions to 80 percent by 2030, and 95 percent or practically by 2035. Then we have to drain the oil. Therefore, we need to quickly come up with a plan that will ensure new jobs for the people.

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Also towards MDGs: – One who cares more about himself than climate fights

Unsafe oil jobs

MDG leaders accuse the big parties in Starting of not caring about the restructuring of local communities in western Norway:

The Conservatives and the Labor Party are delaying their transition to a renewable society through oil rehabilitation. When Erna Solberg says oil jobs are safe, people believe it. But as long as the government lasts, there is a risk that other countries will pass us by, says the MDG vice president.

– So should smart oil workers search quickly?

– It doesn’t happen overnight. But once the oil film arrives, it can come off quickly. The government also says: Lon Marie Berg says 50,000 oil jobs are at risk if oil prices fall to $ 50 a barrel.

– We do not want to leave the responsibility for green change to the individual. How do we solve social problems, Hermstadt answers.

– Which jobs will change jobs in the oil sector?

– They say sea air could create 50,000 new jobs.

– There should be tax breaks and restructuring plans from the state. And then we have Equinor. They can be modified significantly faster to play a key role in renewals. There will be new requirements for material recycling, and there will be opportunities in the green transport and maritime sector. Strict climate requirements in public procurement plans will also provide opportunities for new businesses, Berg added.

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Right: Ignorance

– The claim that there is no change in Western Norway is ignorant of the MDG, says Ove Trellevik to the Conservative Party MP VG in Hortland.

– Change is going well. An incredible amount of innovation and innovation is happening in the region. We have started electrifying a lot of vessels, we are investing in hydrogen and the pace of innovation in fish farming is high. It was created in close collaboration between research, business and politics. I am pleased to invite MDG for corporate visits, says Trellevic.

He strongly warns against the deadline for oil:

– Setting an end date is absolutely horrible. We must continue to explore and recover as long as the world needs oil, not just energy, but also the production of mobile phones, plastics and shoes. Norway is a country that produces oil and gas with low climate emissions. If we stop, other nations will take over. But we need to reduce demand to achieve the climate goal, he says.

Consent in this case: Marial Engense (left) and Thea Etterwick agree with Lon Marie Berg and Monica Sandorv from MDG that they should stop oil exploration but vote for other red-green parties. Photo: Helge Scottwin

Selector Quiz

At Torgallmenningen in Bergen, MDG profiles Berg and Hermstad have a quiz for voters: they will guess how Norway works with emissions cuts (results: fewer cuts than Denmark and the UK), and then choose between continuous exploration for oil, or oil.

Students Marial Enginus (21) and Thea Etterwick (21) respond “correctly” after the end of the MDG.

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– I got a tumor in my stomach from the UN Climate Report, says Marial, who is very sympathetic to the role of MDGs in climate warfare.

– Are you going to vote for them?

– I have already voted for Labor. The most important thing to me is that there will be a red-green government, says Marial, a nursing student.

– Thea, who teaches teaching in Bergen, says I will probably vote for SV.

Cake Party: Lane Marie Berg received a cake from Josephine Gerde, second on MDG’s Hordeland list, to mark 2000 new members this week. Photo: Helge Scottwin

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