Politics, Shekhar Aidar | Red Profile Reaches Govt: – Cursed

Politics, Shekhar Aidar |  Red Profile Reaches Govt: – Cursed

Seher Aydar, Rødt’s parliamentary representative, urges the government to take action to ensure better public funding for dental healthcare in Norway.

The Salvation Army’s Belinda Andersson reacted strongly to NRK’s ​​”The Debate” after she said she was forced to get dental insurance from a single mother waiting for Nav’s benefits.

– It is heartbreaking for a single mother to have to live with the pain and be pushed back and forth not knowing if help will be available. Aidar tells Netavisen that the Salvation Army here must have thought the situation they needed to help was so urgent, she calls the story sad and painful.

Ayder believes that the wallet determines who is able to go to the dentist when the need arises, and that’s especially important at a time when more people can’t afford it.

– I am cursed on behalf of all those who live in agony and agony not being able to pay dental bills. I am impatient on their behalf and expect the government to do what they say, which is to equate teeth with the rest of the body.

To balance the teeth with the rest of the body, the Storting has a majority, the ruling parties include the Labor Party and the Center Party, with support from Red and SV.

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The Salvation Army picked up the bill when a single mother ran out of NAV support: – Of course we help

It tells the Labor Party to look back

– But if you can’t, can you apply for Now’s support for dental services?

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– Many people do not close it, it is the eye of a needle, you have to get. First you need to go to the tongue, then to the dentist. It takes too long, Ayder says.

Rødt will raise funds to fund dental health by increasing corporate tax, and in their alternative state budget for 2023, they propose to increase this by one percent, from 22 to 23 percent.

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“Nils” must receive food from the Salvation Army: – It is expensive to be poor in Norway

However, the corporation tax remained unchanged in the state budget adopted by the government. However, Ayder believes Rhode’s preference for government is not unreasonable.

– We didn’t hear anything serious. Let’s get back to that point It was at the last moment The Labor Party was in power. They should not do anything other than what they have done before and hope that the government can start the work early next year.

Veda: Nothing to do with raising corporation tax

Finance Minister Trygve Slaksvold Vedam responded to Netavision’s questions on whether the government should raise current corporation tax or other taxes for dental health and dental care. High dose:

– Government has taken clear measures to strengthen dental health. Among other things, we have introduced a 50 percent discount for those under the age of 21 and 22, and strengthened the reimbursement program for children and youth receiving orthodontics. Raising corporation tax is not relevant.

The scripture continues:

– The Government has been clear and clear that we must pursue a predictable and responsible tax policy on business and keep corporation tax at 22 per cent for the duration of the Parliament. This is entirely consistent with the tax settlement that was concluded with the support of the Center Party and the Labor Party in addition to the other four parties in the Storting.

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– We are doing well

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Care, Ellen Ronning-Arnesen (Ap), did not want to be interviewed about the case, but responded in writing to Netavision’s inquiry:

– This government has initiated work to strengthen public dental health services. More than half a billion kroner was added to our budget through a settlement with Ronning-Arnesen, writer for Netavisen.

and adds:

– We are working hard to deliver Hurdle Platform’s points of gradual expansion aimed at bringing it on par with other healthcare services.


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NAV sends people directly to Salvation Army: – Not enough

– What prevents dental health from being largely covered by the public sector, like injuries in other parts of the body?

– We want to gradually expand public dental health care on a sound decision-making basis. That’s why A General Committee to Review Dental Hygiene. It’s been almost 20 years since it was last done. The panel is expected to submit its report by June 2024. The panel’s recommendations will be important in our further work to strengthen dental healthcare.

The Secretary of State also allows himself to be attacked by the story told by the Salvation Army in last week’s debate.

– Watching features presented by NRK makes a sensation. Teeth are part of the body. It is a political goal for us that this should be reflected in the way the dental health service is organized and funded.

The professor begins the solution

Steiner Westin is a physician and professor of social medicine at NTNU in Trondheim. He says there is a long tradition of people paying for dental care.

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Westin believes unpredictable costs related to dental health contributed to the situation. However, he is not sure why this arrangement was initiated.

– Some cost several lakhs, while others require only a few holes to be drilled. Westin tells Netavision that the unpredictability of how much will be reimbursed is one of the reasons why dental health has been left out of the concept of health.

An experienced academic simultaneously begins his own draft of a public funding model.

Westin believes it’s a problem if someone can’t go to the dentist for financial reasons.

– My proposal is that you get back a certain amount, he says.

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