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On Sunday, it reports that a lot of traffic is expected on major roads in southern Norway Southern Road Transport Centre. Roads from the E18, E16 and the mountains, especially in the north direction, may pose traffic challenges.

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– Rainfall was reported throughout most of southern Norway throughout the day. Check the windscreen wipers in your car and keep your distance and drive safely, Vegtrafiksentralen insists.

Transport operator Kjetil Løvås Vegtrafikksentralen Sør told VG before ten on Sunday that heavy traffic is expected from Sørlandet and Vestfold and Telemark towards Oslo, especially on the E18 north.

– It’s the last day of vacation for many, so expect extra pressure on the road. We are following traffic closely throughout the day and will update the public regularly, says Kjetil Løvås.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has several cameras on the country’s main road sections.

– Our systems and mapping solutions measure traffic and can quickly indicate delays from it.

More queues are expected here

Vegtrafikksentralen Sør also informs VG that, based on experience, queues form at Bamble – Borskren and Holmestrand – Dansberg.

– As the weather forecast is not good, many may return home from vacation on Saturday, we will have answers to this throughout the day and afternoon.

Transport operator Kjetil Lævås reminds that some rain has been reported this afternoon, which will cause difficult driving conditions.

– Drive carefully, he says.

Around the country

Kristin Storrø, traffic operator at Vegtrafikksentralen Nord, says they don’t expect large holiday processing traffic

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– It’s Sunday and many people will be moving, but with the exception of some ferry connections, we don’t expect traffic volumes that will cause major problems on the roads, Christine Storro says.

Ferry routes may have some additional traffic and waiting times

  • Bognes – Skarberget on the Dicefjord in Nordland.
  • Bognes-Lødingen in Ofoten.

– It’s a good idea to check Fergeslegbet’s website for high traffic and any settings, says transport operator Christine Storro.

It’s a summer day in the north and good driving conditions, he adds.

In central Norway, no major push on the road is expected.

Erling Drangsholt, transport operator at Vegtrafikksentralen Midt, says that from experience it is smooth running on the roads at the end of the holiday.

– The road from the coast can be a little bumpy, especially at the Klepp junction south of Trondheim, where the E39 and E6 meet, Drangsholt says.

– It’s a bit wet, but good driving weather, he adds.

The large amount of traffic expected on Sunday is not even in the west of our longest country.

– Now the holidays seem to be spread over several weeks, so we don’t expect traffic like Easter and Pentecost, says transport operator Albert Sherrington.

He says there is some clean-up work at Vikafjellet regarding avalanche protection, which may bring something to a halt.

Towards Oslo, traffic will be normal after the holiday weekend.

– It is difficult to predict, so we dare not say anything, says Vegtrafikksentralen Øst.

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