Sorting’s representatives can get big tax claims on private rent – VG

Sorting's representatives can get big tax claims on private rent - VG
Parliament: Sporting has 169 delegates from across the country, many of whom have passenger homes.

Many parliamentarians have rented a house in their hometown, while they have received free passenger housing in Oslo. This can trigger tax claims.


Representatives and government members of Sorting, registered or residing 40 km from Oslo The right to passenger accommodation.

On Thursday night, Storting chairman Eva Kristin Hansen resigned six weeks after taking office – as police launched an investigation into the possibility of passengers abusing the housing program.

VG can now say that even if you get commuter housing in an orderly manner you may get stuck in the tax trap:

Sorting apartments are located in central Oslo. Worth staying there for free Calculated Up to 500,000 in Kroner per year. The value depends on the size.

Lene Marie Ringså, Divisional Manager, Tax Administration’s Legal Division, explains to VG that passenger homes are essentially tax-free, but not if you rent the house where you live.

Tax Officers: No tax

– It is worth noting that renting your own home can have implications for whether a potential passenger home is a taxable benefit, says Lene Marie Ringså, divisional manager for tax administration at VG.

The rules are the same for Storting’s representatives and members of the government and other citizens.

Section Manager: Lene Ringså in Tax Administration.

– Ringsa says that if you rent out all or part of your own apartment, you will not be able to get free passenger housing tax-free.

– If you rent a separate unit in the house, for example, a basement apartment with its own bathroom and kitchen, you can still get a tax-free passenger house, Ringså emphasizes.

Many delegates already own a home of their choice. VG knows that many elected representatives rent out the whole or part of the house when they own a passenger house in Oslo.

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Rented in Tromsø

Who is a Member of Parliament As stated before Darker Knock Filkesness (SV) rents out parts of the house in his hometown. He was selected for Sporting from Troms in 2013. Two years later, he bought a four-room apartment in Tromsø.

Fylkesnes has rented one or two rooms in the apartment, which has provided him with extra income while sitting in Storting, Oslo.

Rented: Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes can claim tax because he has rented out parts of his primary residence in Oslo because he has free traveler homes.

– On average, the amount is 5,000 to 6,000 kroner a month since the acquisition, Fylkesnes told VG in September.

At the time, Philkess explained that he had not informed Sorting about the rental income.

– Conditions related to renting parts of primary housing are not Sporting
Request, said Philkesnus.

VG asked if Fylkesnes had taxed the benefit of free passenger housing from Sorting.

– No, Philkesnas says I do not have it, and insists that earlier this autumn he raised the issue on both his own initiative in both the Storting administration and the tax administration.

– The question of renting a room in an apartment in Tromsø will have an impact on the tax liability of passenger housing. I’m more than anyone who cares about clarifying this, and I have said before that if I have to pay taxes I will definitely pay it, says Philkesnus.

When you receive income from home, the tax agency assumes that you have no additional costs involved. They do not consider individual cases, but enforce the rule regardless of how much is rented and the amount of income.

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Vice President: Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes holds a central position in the SV as Vice President and was part of the negotiating team at the end of the Hurdle study.

Most recently in 2017, the tax administration wrote one Binding the pre-statement, Abbreviated BFU », a Norwegian preferred to rent parts or his entire house when going to a traveler’s house. The answer came that if he rented some part of the house in his hometown, he would have to pay tax on the value of the commuter house.

This report established legislation established in the region over the years. The same words are found in related Evaluation Since 2008.

– I have known about BFU well since 2017, says Philkesness.

– In fact I was the one who informed the administration in Sorting about the rule, and it would be appropriate for the Sorting representatives. I discovered it two months ago and asked management if this was not something that most delegates could no doubt hide, says Philkesness.

He says there is no answer yet as to whether this applies to him.

The rules for evaluating passenger homes abroad and in Norway are the same and appear from the guide Skatte-ABC on the agency’s website.

– Ringså, the divisional manager in tax administration, says the rules are basically the same for Norway and abroad at this point.

Tax authorities have an obligation to maintain confidentiality in private cases, so Ringså reports to the VG on a public basis.

VG asked the Sorting management if they had given any advice or guidance to the delegates that they would lose the tax exemption if they rented the house they were traveling in.

In an email, Storting’s director Marianne Andreassen writes that they did not.

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Director: Marianne Andreassen heads the management at Sorting.

– May apply further

SV’s Communications Manager Siri Gjørtz sent a statement to VG on Thursday afternoon:

– This was a relevant issue for some of SV’s MPs, and they were in touch with the Sorting administration and the tax administration this fall.

– The mentioned tax rule was also raised as a topic in their communications by the SV representatives, to which they did not respond. Sorting’s management has begun to review the terms and conditions, and law firm Grette has informed us that it will submit a report later this month, before they look into the individual cases, Gjørtz writes.

TROND GISKE: The annual meeting of the Trondelock Labor Party last year.

Kiske: – All right

Former Labor MP Trent Kiske has been hired from Trondheim. On Tuesday, Adresseavisen party colleague Eva Kristin revealed that Hansen had rented from him in Trondheim, while he also owned a house in Sky, meaning he had not owned a passenger house for three years.

Kiske has been selected for Storting since 1997 and moved from his own residence in Krunerlock. For apartment for ministers Fashionable Kimley terrace in Frakner in 2002.

– I have been renting accommodation since 1997. A dozen different people may have been hired. Eva and her roommate rented when they split up, and the roommates rented on the same terms before and after, Kiske responds.

Renter: Eva Christine Hansen, president of Storting, rented a room with Trond Kiske for six years.

When Hansen rents a bedroom, Kiske confirms that he can use the apartment in Trontheim himself. She also had a living room, kitchen and bathroom in her apartment, and was paid 4,000 kroner a month.

Kiske has long owned commuter housing and ministerial housing in Storting. VG submits tax administration information to Trond Giske.

VG asked Giske if he had taxed free passenger housing when he rented an apartment in Trondheim.

– You can be sure that my tax conditions are absolutely correct, Jiske responds in a text message.

– Long-term practice: Tax lawyer Bettina Banoon works at Weirshome.

Long training

– There is a long-standing practice of taxing passenger homes, says tax lawyer Bettina Banoon to VG.

He works daily in Weirshome and is one of Norway’s foremost tax experts.

– This is especially true for people going abroad, but Banoon says the policies are the same if you travel domestically.

– Banoon says it is common practice to tax a passenger home if the employee’s permanent home is rented out.

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