Stjerneskuddet started his musical career in his father’s carpentry workshop – NRK Culture and Entertainment

Stjerneskuddet started his musical career in his father's carpentry workshop - NRK Culture and Entertainment

Pop artist Jonathan Floyd has been cited as a new star in the Norwegian music scene.

Last year it was named “Newcomer of the year” On the P3 gold. He is currently active with the “Heartbreaker” EP.

You can now enjoy an exclusive concert experience with the artist – and many other musicians to come – as part of the music project NRK scene.

Watch the Top 10 Concerts on NRK TV.

The concept of the new program is simple: once a week, a Norwegian artist, band or performer plays a small concert at a venue of their choice with which they have a personal relationship.

– I think it was very interesting to participate in this. It was a bit like a regular rehearsal with the band, says Floyd, it was very natural.

For the young artist, there was no doubt about where he would play his concert. He was supposed to play it in a workshop.

Music Studio Borrow

When he was young, he lived for a time in a carpentry workshop in Fornebu in Oslo. After the divorce, his father could not afford a new apartment – so the father and son ended up living in the old workplace.

– Probably not the best place to live. It smelled like sawdust everywhere and was a pile of junk, but as a kid I thought it was fun, says Jonathan Floyd.

Despite the simple circumstances, he speaks of a good childhood. Also in the workshop, the young artist found a direction in life.

– My father had a music studio in the attic of the workshop. I wasn’t allowed in there, but I would often just sneak in and test his stuff when he wasn’t there. He says this is how I started making music.

– She wants to show that she went well with me

When a spectacle called NRK to find a location that meant something to him, it was exactly his father’s workshop that came to his mind. But since the old workshop was demolished today, the choice fell on another site in central Oslo.

The musician says the concert is a kind of tribute to this time in his life – and to his father.

– Dad suddenly appeared in the recording. It was very nice. I wanted to show that it went well. To see here, we lived in a workshop and were poor, but I was actually pretty good, says Floyd.

Jonathan Floyd and Aref Mashhad NRK

The young musician performs one of his songs with the artist Aref. – No matter how many times I’ve met Arif, I’m still amazed. Floyd says he is a crushing man who really gave me a great start in my career.

Photo: Pal Ritter Schgerven

It will provide a continuous live music show

Music director Mats Borsch Bog says the NRK stage aims to raise the bar for Norwegian and Semitic music through powerful audio-visual musical experiences.

The audience will get to experience a concept in the music installations, he says.

Bugge says that NRK has had less music content on TV lately and that he hopes the new concept will fill that space by constantly giving audiences a live music show.

This concept should be able to accommodate all layers of Norwegian music, regardless of familiarity. He says it’s important for NRK to reflect the diversity of music.

NRK scene, Issa

This concert will be performed at the NRK Theatre: Isah takes us to the park at St Hanshaugen in Oslo.

Photo: Paal Ritter Schjerven/NRK

SCAR - NRK . Mashhad

Pop artist Scar performs at a concert in Alvernebukta.

Photo: Pal Ritter Schgerven


Ledfoot travels to a farm in Raufoss for his concert.

Photo: Paal Ritter Schjerven/NRK

Eileen Andrea Wang, scene from NRK

Elaine Andrea Wang will give a concert in her old rehearsal room in Vålerenga.

Photo: Fahil Anweri / NRK

Daniela Reyes, NRK . Scene

Daniela Reyes plays in her cabin and writing place in Brønnøya.

Photo: Paal Ritter Schjerven/NRK

I like Nordstoga

Odd Nordstoga is having his concert at the Kampen Bistro in Oslo.

Photo: Paal Ritter Schjerven/NRK

Hedwig Mollestad

Hedvig Mollestad by the sea in Nesodden.

Photo: Paal Ritter Schjerven/NRK

Bendik Brænne, NRK scene (National's Cast Lobby)

Bendik Brænne at the Nationaltheatret.

Små Grå chose a pub in Youngstorget for his concert.  From left: Benedict Kroes, Nina Mortvedt and May Elise Solberg

Små Grå will be giving a concert in a pub in Youngstorget in Oslo.

Photo: Fahil Anweri / NRK

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