Styan (21) from Ibestat, Ukraine was killed

Styan (21) from Ibestat, Ukraine was killed

The family confirmed that In Harstadt.

– We believe he died in artillery fire on December 3, but due to the scale of the situation, no details can be immediately confirmed, the family said in a statement to the newspaper.

Meland reportedly went to Ukraine in August this year to help with health work.

The Ministry of External Affairs works against the local authorities

Harstad de Dente has contacted the Foreign Ministry on Wednesday afternoon. Spokesperson Siri Svendsen confirmed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was aware of the killing of a Norwegian national in Ukraine.

– We are now getting formal confirmation from the local authorities. UD is related to next of kin. Due to the duty of confidentiality, Svendsen says he cannot provide further details on the case.

Ibestad Mayor Jim Christiansen was notified of the death at 2pm on Tuesday.

– We don’t know the circumstances surrounding the death. We should follow up with the Foreign Ministry on Wednesday morning, Christiansen said last night.

Positions with crisis team

The municipality was informed about the death by relatives.

– Relatives are provided with all necessary help and assistance. We are standing by with a crisis team, a psychologist and a doctor if they need it, says the mayor.

– Classifies society

Ibestad is a small municipality of 1,300 people where everyone knows everyone.

– Death has a strong impact on society. “It’s hard to get the news that someone so young has died,” says Christiansen.

The mayor currently has no information on when the death occurred and whether the man was a combatant in the war or otherwise volunteered in Ukraine.

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– I don’t know the situation in Ukraine. “Unfortunately, I don’t know when things happened,” the mayor said Wednesday night.

Relatives, friends and acquaintances lit candles at City Hall where the flag will be flown at half-mast on Wednesday.

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