TV review “Everything My Dad Didn’t Teach Me”: Top Ten – VG

TV review "Everything My Dad Didn't Teach Me": Top Ten - VG
Business Professional: Niklas Selseth Barley in Everything My Dad Didn’t Teach Me.

Niklas Selseth Barley (32 years old) asks Dad (70) for help.


“Everything my father didn’t teach me”

A Norwegian documentary film in six parts

Premieres on TV 2 and TV 2 Play on Wednesday 23 February

With: Niklas Selseth Barley and Lars Barley

Directed by: Thomas Havatom

VG dice show 3 points

If you think so Niklas Silseth Baarli may have taken up a lot of space in this year’s edition of “Farmen Kjendis”Really not Hope is on the horizon.

Here is the host again, in his own Totally special series. He is just about. Yes, and then his father, Lars Barley, who took his son to school, and would turn him from a “living man with no practical abilities at all” into a self-help hand hunk.

Silseth Baarli will learn to do practical and useful things. With your hands and your body. Build things and fix things. The only thing Silseth Baarli has brought to life so far is a cutting board and bird box. He was in elementary school. I started staying a while ago.

On the other hand, Daddy Lars can do most things. A retired firefighter and emergency manager can toss a staircase, sculpt a livery, safely lay the roof, and anything else, too. Niklas and Lars agree, however, that men learned more about hammers and nails in the old days, before the use-and-throw-and-serve economy came to Old Norway. There might be something in it.

All About My Father: Lars Barley (left) and Niklas Selseth Barley in Everything My Father Didn’t Teach Me.

Lars is a warm dad, just right, and he’s clearly single survivor rarely. he is They lost two sonsHe had cancer three times. However, he is kind and patient, and looks forward to helping his son “become a man”. Lars is well suited to television, so he’s so good that he easily manages to be one of the series’ narrator’s voices.

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Father and son are impatient in their own way. Lars wants to tackle the tasks right away. Niklas is looking forward to the job being done. The latter burns a lot of energy looking for short cuts. The father stresses that it is important to do things from scratch. Sun believes that half the work has to be done well enough. “We never quarreled,” Lars says at one point. Perhaps now is the time.

In the first episode, Niklas wants to build a bench and donate it to his hometown of Moss. He could reach for tools and mortars—and he would be the seat, in fact. Lars gives the score six points out of 10 possible. In the second program, Niklas will do the paint job. Lars gives the score a six out of ten possible.

In the third episode, Niklas drives big machines into a cracking plant, and engages in a fire drill that suddenly becomes a true emergency. Father gives Lars a Leca wall, and the son collects eight out of 10 possible points. Niklas Become better.

Mentor and Prayer: Niklas Selseth Barley (left) and Lars Barley in Everything My Father Didn’t Teach Me.

The elements of carpentry, sawing, construction and demolition are replaced with scenes where father and son Bonder (as it is called in moss). Niklas Lars initially teases him for being from a generation of guys who are good at taking their hands, but may not be so good at pressuring people and talking about things. It is a fact with some modifications. A father must be in good contact with both his feelings and his son, that must be.

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How much you’ll get out of “everything my dad didn’t teach me” will of course depend on your relationship with main character Niklas, who shares every minute, and who can rightly be said to be the type to deal with a lot of space.

Finalists: Niklas Selseth Barley in Everything My Father Didn’t Teach Me.

Selseth Barley puts it in his mouth – as announcers and radio talkers prefer. He can be sloppy, ridiculous, and a bit aggressive when the world turns against him. He says he got it from his father.

This reviewer thought the episodes lasted more than (45 minutes) and were a bit tricky. But “Everything My Dad Didn’t Teach Me” has moments. Five out of 10 possible points are there, that is. Or roll the dice three, as it is called in VG.

Watch the references three out of six episodes

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