Warning of heavy rain in flooded areas: – Be cautious

Warning of heavy rain in flooded areas: – Be cautious
Flooding: The Storlva at Hønefoss is one of the “Hons” sharply elevated waterways during extreme weather. This week’s weather forecast could be bad news for flood-prone areas.

On Tuesday, a rain warning was issued for parts of eastern Norway prone to flooding. The insurance company fears that some may experience another round of water in the basement.

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– There is a warning for rain in eastern Norway, which will probably be maintained, Don Christine Thale told VG on Tuesday morning.

Locally, some places may receive up to 20 millimeters of rain per hour.

The low pressure will first pass through southern Norway before the rain reaches the east.

– Precipitation is already well into southern Norway, so now most of southern Norway will receive precipitation, says Thale.

In the Lillehammer area, towards Trevsjö, there will be more rain.

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– Some of the same areas have already been exposed.

– It doesn’t always take much before problems start, so you have to be a little more careful.

NVE has issued several warnings for the risk of flooding at orange and red levels for water bodies in eastern Norway.

The Drammensvassdraget areas are on the red level, the Glomma and Mjøsa areas are on the orange level.

Check the weather where you are Pent.No.

According to NVE’s forecast, the flood reached its peak in most places on Monday.

The exception is Tyrifjorden, which will rise by approximately 20 centimeters by Thursday.

Follow closely

Seija Stenius, a hydrologist at the Norwegian Directorate of Waterways and Energy (NVE), explains that rain usually has little impact on large waterways such as the Mjøsa.

– The water level is still high in Mjøsa, but tells VG that the storm is not going to affect anything in particular.

– Now the flood return may be a bit slower in places.

On the contrary, it is the medium and small water bodies that are most affected.

– These are the ones that react the fastest to urban rainfall, explains Stenius.

– If there is a lot of rain in a small stream, the water level rises very quickly, but on the other side quickly falls again.

NVE is keeping an extra close eye on where the rain fell on Tuesday as many places have already been exposed after the extreme weather “Hance”.

Improved landslide warning

On Tuesday afternoon, updated landslide warnings were issued by NVE.

The landslide and flood warning has been increased from yellow to orange for the Innlandet and Viken regions.

Stenius doesn’t believe there will be the same amount of precipitation during extreme weather.

– It’s too small. Heavy rain like this doesn’t normally trigger an Orange level landslide warning, but when combined with “hans” it does.

Also flooding can be basements

In a press release Tuesday morning, the insurance company warns people who have already experienced water entering their homes during severe weather.

– Unfortunately, we know that those already affected by water intrusion from previous floods and extreme weather can regain water. The reason is that the surrounding land is flooded, says communications manager Sigmund Clements.

So far there have been over 1,100 damage reports as a result of the extreme weather and subsequent flooding and damage to many cars, caravans and boats.

The insurance company expects the figures to rise further this week.

Clements warns of capacity challenges in merchant services in the coming months.

– If several thousands of basements, ground floors, production premises and storage buildings need to be repaired at once, unfortunately, rebuilding after a single water damage will take a bit longer than usual. This is one of the consequences of such major natural phenomena.

Looking forward to progress

Despite this week’s wet weather forecast, there is good news in sight.

– There is an improvement in the weather. There will be some rain tomorrow, but Thursday and the weekend will be dry, according to Meteorologist Thale.

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Earlier, there were reports of some rain on Saturday evening.

– But these are not the same sizes.

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