Eva Christine Hansen – No Suspect yet

Eva Christine Hansen - No Suspect yet

– There are no more suspects in the case.

This is what Police Attorney Christian Steinberg, in the Oslo Police District, told Dockbladet. He is leading an investigation into so-called commuter housing cases.

When Aftenposten revealed that the then Minister for Children and Families and Krf leader Kjell Ingolf Ropstad was booked into a boys’ room in Sørlandet, he and his family were living for free in a Storting apartment in Oslo.

Recommended for police investigation

Later, it came to the attention of several Sorting politicians who may have abused the passenger housing program for delegates living more than 40 kilometers from Storting.

In November, Adresseavisen Storting presented President Eva Kristin Hansen with a lodge, while he owned part of a house within a 40-kilometer radius.

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Da Eva Christine Hansen The chairman of Storting resigned He said that on November 18, he was thought to be one of those under investigation by the police for abusing the passenger housing scheme.

A few hours ago, the public prosecutor asked the police to begin an investigation into the passenger housing cases.

But even seven weeks after his departure, police prosecutor Christian Steinberg says Eva Christine Hansen is no longer a suspect in the case.

Employees should be investigated

The police prosecutor says the investigation is still in the collection phase and they have so far focused on gaining an overview of what rules apply.

– The collection phase will probably last until January. I hope this does not take long. So far, we have received regulations that apply to commuter housing allocations, says Steinberg.

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– If we want to go to work properly and fully, there must be an overview of regulations, he explains.

According to the police prosecutor, they have not yet investigated any person in the case, including the representatives who received the passenger houses or the staff of Storting who managed the project.

He says we will now find out how the rules work in practice.

– We need to get information on how the terms were explained and implemented by Sorting. Then there will be a need to investigate more people in management, says Steinberg.

– Too much dramatized

Eva Christine Hansen has appointed attorney John Christian Eldon in connection with the case. He is increasingly trying to put the blame on the public prosecutor for causing the client to resign from the highest office in the country after the king.

– We are well aware that he did not suspect anything, and we think it is a pity that the Attorney General left the opposite mindset for him to resign the day after he confirmed his political confidence as President by all but the Reds. Elton in a text message to Dagbladet.

Elton did not release the media from his criticism of how the case went.

– The case seems to be about a different tax law assessment between Sporting, investigators and the tax administration, which was exaggerated in the media, Elton concludes.

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