Weather: – Traffic chaos in Stavanger:

Weather: – Traffic chaos in Stavanger:

Snow and slippery roads are causing major problems for morning traffic in Akhtar on Monday.

Both NRK And Stavanger Aftenblad He writes that both buses and cars are stuck and there are long queues across the district. Several Swedish Road Administration webcams in Rogaland show heavy and sometimes constant traffic in morning traffic.

Police write that at 09.13 they received a report of a car stalling in the Storhock tunnel and heavy traffic in the direction of Hillewack. The tunnel is closed and the police are on their way.

The car should have been removed before 09.30, but there is still a lot of traffic in the area.

The University of Stavanger has postponed nine exams until 09.30 because students had problems getting to the university.

A new round of confusion

Delay in bus transport

Morton Nesvik, a communications consultant for the public transit agency Columbus, tells Talkblade that there are delays on many departures.

– Weather affects us in everything we have when it comes to buses. We encourage people to follow our app where you will get updated information,” he says.

Nesvik says they are doing their best, but the weather will naturally have effects on public transport. He attributed the bus problems to unplowed roads after snowfall in the morning hours.

– He says it's always very frustrating when we can't offer our customers the offer we want.

Passengers can submit claims for reimbursement from Alternate Transportation Columbus, which they usually operate with a travel guarantee, but that doesn't apply in weather like this.

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– An array

South West Police operations manager Roger Littleton tells Talkblade they have received several reports of traffic challenges during the early hours of Monday morning.

– Many cars and buses have problems. He says the weather is expected and we don't have the capacity to move all the news.

Most of the traffic problems that are solved, he says, are eventually solved, either by the cars having the problems or by them moving away from the scene on their own.

– Weather is expected and we do not have the capacity to move all messages. Some still have to spend a little more time standing in line, but that's the method, says the operations manager.

Police advised motorists to leave their cars.

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Don't give up

NRK has spoken to state meteorologist Ingrid Holland Soldel, who says the weather won't let up anytime soon.

– Snow and sleet are expected today and the temperature will be around zero degrees on the coast. It decreases slightly in the evening. He says the storm is strong along the coast and in the mountains, and will blow a little where it is exposed downwind.

Tomorrow will be very similar with snow and drizzle.

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