Wonderful weather awaits in southern Norway this Easter

Wonderful weather awaits in southern Norway this Easter

A high pressure is moving at full speed towards southern Norway and will hit the mark on Easter weekend. Either the city chooses Easter or the cottage, waiting for the bright sun.

As sunny weather is expected in both cities and mountains in southern Norway over the next few days, people are being asked to remember both sunscreen and sunglasses during Easter.

– We have a good weekend. There are all sorts of reasons to come up with both sunscreen and sunglasses. This is what Martin Gronerod, state meteorologist at the Norwegian Meteorological Center, says.

The high pressure currently developing in the Norwegian Sea will affect the climate during the Easter holidays, says Granerrod.

– The meteorologist says it will hit the mark just before the Easter holiday. He says large parts of southern Norway will have long-lasting sunshine and beautiful Easter weather.

Temperatures in the lowlands range from 13 to 15 degrees. Calm winds are expected in the mountains and lowlands.

– Those who have City Easter, will have some good Easter days, says Gronerod.

– Looks good in the mountains

The entire weekend will be characterized by good weather, but the best weather is expected to come on Friday, the meteorologist said.

High pressure will first hit western Norway. At the same time, low pressure will move eastward during Thursday, and it will take some time for the weather to change drastically.

On the west coast, Easter days are characterized by some fog in the morning, which glows throughout the day. It could be as high as 15 degrees in western Norway, says Gronerod.

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– There will be slightly cloudy weather in western Norway. It will be a good experience in Easter weather, but it’s hard to say how thick the cloud will be. He says if it is thin, the sun will shine properly and you will not notice them.

Central Norway can also benefit from high pressure. Saturday will be partly cloudy but calm.

– Meteorologist says it’s time for good weather for those who like the summit with the most beautiful Easter conditions in the mountains.

Easter weekend in Oslo will have good weather, especially as Friday is indicated as the best day.

Gray in the north

While large parts of southern Norway bathe in the Easter sun, in northern Norway it appears slightly gray. Further north, the impact of the high pressure will decrease.

– In the Northeast, a lot of wind comes from the ocean, bringing clouds that mark the weekend. On Friday, there will be a lot of fog on the beach, Granerød says.

The temperature on the beach this weekend will be 5 to 8 degrees, there will be little wind and occasional rain.

There have been several avalanches in the north and west recently. The risk of avalanches is even more significant In many places, and meteorologists are urging skiers to be careful.

In Trams and Finmark, there may be sunshine on Friday, but the weekend here is characterized by gray weather.

– Snow and rain are likely in the lowlands, while snow falls in the mountains. In the Finmark Plateau and eastern Finmark, they escape somewhat cheaper, where rainfall is low, with occasional sunshine.

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Norway’s Public Roads Administration expects more traffic congestion at Easter. Here is the Easter exit on Friday north of E6 from Oslo.

Good driving conditions

After two years of epidemics, a huge influx of airports has been recorded this Easter, and many are choosing to go abroad this year.

The big Easter release on the roads is also expected in the next few days. For everyone who goes on the road, going to the cabin or visiting the family, it is good to have good driving conditions, says Granerrod.

– Now we started the Easter festival with lots of wind and storms and difficult driving conditions in the mountains. There will be good driving conditions in the last half of Easter, but he says it is better to check the weather and drive before you go.

The Norwegian Public Road Administration has asked people to be careful on the roads during Easter.

– We’re going to zero in on Easter traffic this year. Ingrid Dahl Hovland, road director at Veivesenet before Easter, said the Norwegian Public Roads Administration wants you to be a little chicken in Easter traffic.

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