Culture and politics | Trond Jeske was the subject of controversy over its Christmas release

Culture and politics |  Trond Jeske was the subject of controversy over its Christmas release

Since 2018, Trondheim-based Fucking North Pole Records has released compilations of punk rock. The concept is that gangs should never be the same, and the release has in many ways become a way to feel Norwegian sleazy on the pulse. He brought a total of 120 bands to light. Eventually, the label also expanded to include “Julepønk” collectors.

– We made one in 2019 – a collection of anti-Christmas songs, which showed the darker side of Christmas – and people thought it was funny, so we made another one, says record label boss Robert Derns Nidaros.

The paper described Kristiansundern as Trondheim’s busiest man.

In total, Fucking North Pole Records has released seven punk compilation releases. What they all have in common is that they allow photo montages of well-known Norwegian politicians to grace the cover. This time, it is Jesek who can take revenge.

– How does the villain feel during the day?

– it is good. There are an incredible number of bands. Punk is very strange – you have some guys who don’t have attitudes or clothes that belong to that genre. In a way, it’s a rebellion against this villain our. It’s funny with young teams having other references. On the last day yesterday I received an inquiry from two groups I had never heard of before, and they were amazing. We are in full swing with the 2023 nominees, so to speak. The idea is to give space to small and unknown teams. With such a group, many people will hear it. I find about 15 new bands every year. In five years, we’ve released 120 bands – which exist today. There’s still a lot of activity among the bad guys, he says.

It wasn’t common to be gay and punk

What are the hot topics to rebel against this year?

– It’s the same. But gender is more explicit in texts than it was 20 years ago. Being gay and punk wasn’t popular in the 70’s. The world is becoming more spacious and, at the same time, more complex. We also have a thing for everyday trivia. “Voi & Destroy” by Aktiv Dødsjælp, for example, is about electric scooters, and it’s very catchy.

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– Is there a lot of politics?

– Yes, and there is something about the very local conditions. He is with a troupe of Horten, who write about local political discussions and conditions in Horten.

– So they’re following the black debath tradition with “heavy, heavy political rock”?

– Here is a “heavy, heavy domestic political punk.” But that’s all from this is to love songs. The record has all the spectrum, says Derns.

– How much would something like that sell?

– We print 500 models, and they are mostly sold out at a time. But there are far more people who hear it through streaming, he says.

– In my opinion, punk is giving the finger to the establishment. However, I chose to release the compilation album in regards to an ancient and reliable Christian tradition. why?

– If you listen to the lyrics, not many people will respect Christmas. I never liked Christmas music. Contradiction, where the ugly meets the sacred, can be beautiful. Christmas has become Black Friday. This is a rebellion against the expectations set by Christmas.

Why would you choose to edit it on vinyl?

– I myself love that music on vinyl. There is something nice about being physically released. Young bands, who don’t necessarily release vinyl, appreciate it. Many people think it’s cool to be part of a physical form. In addition, you can play with covers. We have 100 copies on color vinyl, with a booklet on all the bands. You get something you can own, which Spotify and Tidal don’t offer. He says you own the vinyl record forever.

Trondheim’s sinister legacy is guaranteed

– Are there new names in Trondheim, ready to grab the baton from Wannskrækk and Brutal Kuk?

– Then I say anti-lam front. They’ve released two albums and are playing Millencollin-style skatepunk. The lyrics are sloppy and her puns are fantastic. It’s Norway’s coolest inside punk band right now. In this year’s edition, four more bands have roots in Trondelag, says Robert Derns.

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The elements from Trønder – along with the Anti-Lam Front – are NeoCitizen, Ripoff, Torch and Steinkjer’s Scum De La Norvege.

– Did this somehow take over the mission of the old UFFA tapes?

In a way, it might be. Collector boards were more popular before. I have hundreds of them myself. It’s a great way to get to know new artists. Now Spotify playlists have taken over. The danger is that you can get something that you think is bad. He says you get the full spectrum—from pop punk to hardcore—and not everyone likes everything.

2022 has been the busiest record year yet for Fucking North Pole Records, which is run by Robert Dyrnes with girlfriend Kari Westergaard. She is also the designer of Giske’s controversial cap.

– How many records did you manage to release this year?

– I don’t have a complete overview, but we have released 13 albums in the format Fall – and a bunch of bachelors. In the spring, I don’t remember how many of them. But there won’t be any more after Friday—autumn has been so hectic.

He gives football cheers to the teams he hates

– I’ve also released a record a little Trondheim stusset over – a football song for a TIL Moddi fan. What do you have to say in your defense?

– I have never been a fan of TIL, I am a supporter of the competitor, TUIL. Modi and I were united because we are football fans. I’ve known him for a few years now, and I’m gaining more and more respect for him. Then there was a whole “interconnection” in football. I had never spoken to him about football before this project. I didn’t think it was Supporter, encourager, supporter. It’s more important to stay with a team than to hate each other because you cheer up Wrong team. I liked TIL a bit under Tommy Svensson. Apart from that period, they were a bullshit team – especially in the period with Sigurd Rushfeldt. On the other hand, TUIL plays attacking football with speed. By the way, my craziest memory from the stands was when TUIL tied the game in the cup, and TUIL led until three minutes of overtime elapsed. Of course, Rashfeld tied it, and they won in overtime, he says.

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– The single against the World Cup, do I understand?

– sounds. Mauddi is an artist who clearly cares about the world in which he lives. He dares to take a stand. Release with banned songs, protest against oil development in Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja – he dares to use his voice. This time against WC Qatar, he says.

– So you released anti-WC and anti-Christmas records in one week?

It feels negative with hostility, but you have to speak up when something is wrong. Neither Moddy nor I are negative people, but it is important to take a stand. I remember a few years ago the political commentator, Egon Holstadt, decided not to Just Be negative, so he found a subject he could be positive about—he wrote about pancakes, and Dyrnes laughs.

– You have a habit of teasing politicians on the covers of these punk collectors. Why is Jesek avoiding payment this time?

I don’t think he handled the situation well. He apologized for “someone feeling wronged,” and did not admit anything, strictly speaking.

The punk collector’s press release also speaks its own language: “We say it like Trond Jesk: We take very seriously the fact that we acted in a way that was stressful. We deeply regret that.”

Trond Jeske received criticism and was asked what he thought of the cover, but did not respond to Nidaros’ inquiries.

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