Farm, Bård Kristiansen | Quits “farm” after dramatic news about his son: – Not sure if he’ll wake up

Farm, Bård Kristiansen |  Quits “farm” after dramatic news about his son: – Not sure if he’ll wake up

Attention, spoiler! The case features details from Sunday’s episode of “The Farm.”

For nearly six weeks, “Farmen” participants experienced what farm life is like at Fredheim Farm, and viewers got to see the gang’s ups and downs.

After an unusual “Farmer” week, with no big farmer, assistants or duels, this week ends with difficult news for one of the participants.

In Sunday’s episode, the mood at Sørlandsgaarden takes a dark turn after participant Bart Christiansen (52) receives a dramatic message from home and leaves “The Farm”.

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It does not appear when Christiansen receives the message or tells the other participants that he is withdrawing. In the episode, viewers are informed that the Christianson returned home from the farm due to an incident at home.

– Things are going crazy

Netavisen meets Kristiansen in Oslo a few weeks after the “Formen” final is decided and the registration is completed. It’s been almost two months since he left the “Formen” adventure, and it’s no doubt a tough time for the Christiansen family.

– I put on my best shirt and fixed my hair once to go to the market, when I got the news about my son when I was kicked out of production. After that, it was completely black for me, Christiansen recalled from the day he left the farm.

Kristiansen and Kristiansund rushed home from the Fredheim farm because one of his two sons, Sander (23), was hospitalized on the night of September 6 with a severe brain hemorrhage.

– Things are going really crazy, says Christiansen.

The 23-year-old son is an active man, but he sometimes suffers from headaches, according to the “Farmen” profile. So it wasn’t unusual for him to take paracetamol every now and then, but this time it was different.

On the evening of September 5, the headache was so severe that his mother, 23, went to see her son and had to take him to the emergency room.

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After tests in the emergency room, the son was sent to the hospital, where he lost consciousness and was placed in an artificial coma, according to Christianson, who at this point is still unsuspecting inside the “Formen” farm.

– If Janne (mother of the son, journ.anm.) had not met him that evening, it is not certain that he would still be here, says Christiansen.

I don’t understand the seriousness

At Fredheim farm, Kristiansen and many other participants had an unusual week of competitions, Kristiansen was taken out of production and what happened at home.

The 52-year-old was able to talk to his roommate John on the phone, but says he didn’t realize the seriousness of the situation. If he had it, he would stay at Fredheim Farm.

– I didn’t understand the seriousness of it, I asked Janne if she couldn’t call again after seeing how it happened. At the time, I didn’t really realize that it had already melted, and Sander was going to the Rikshospitalet and going into action, says Christiansen.

However, continuing to record “Farmen” was not an option from the production side, and Kristiansen Fredheim had to leave the farm and “Farmen” in a hurry. He didn’t even have time to pack his bag. It ended after he left.

From there it was straight to Oslo and Rikshospitalet, where the family was reunited after the “farm”, in a completely different environment than they had originally imagined.

– Christiansen says there must have been a moment when we were happy to see each other again, but it was also confusing and uncertain.

– Everything that could go wrong did go wrong

Five weeks passed from the day Christiansen left the “Formen” farm until his son was finally evicted.

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For the first few days, the son was in and out of the operating room, and it took several days for him to regain consciousness. What awaited him when he awoke was never certain.

– We don’t know what happened. In what position will he wake up? Will he wake up too? “I didn’t wear my hat much at that point,” says Christiansen, who, at 23, is happy today to wake up looking like her old self.

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After the first surgery, the 23-year-old had several complications. It was five long weeks of admissions, operations and ups and downs for the family before they finally took their son home.

– Everything that could go wrong these weeks went wrong for Xander. He had to endure a lot, says the “Farmen” profile.

Nettavisen has been in contact with Bård Kristiansen’s son, who has consented to mention him.

Sad for the production and audience

Jan-Peter Dahl, TV 2 press manager, says that Christiansen has to leave “The Farm”, which is sad for both the production and the audience, but says they understand that he had to go home.

– Bart was a great and inspiring participant, loved by both the production and the audience, and it’s sad to see him leave the farm, Dahl tells Netavisen.

Dahl emphasizes that the well-being of the participants is always their top priority, and that they are concerned that Christiansen is well looked after throughout the process.

— followed closely by Bart since he left the farm. Most of all, we’re glad the situation turned out well for Port and his family.

The rest of the participants followed closely in preparation after the shock announcement.

– The rest of the participants gathered for a joint chat with the product, where they were able to talk well together. Dahl says they were also given extra support if needed:

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– The participants found great support in each other and they should be commended for the way they handled this together.

He felt ruined for his father

Today, Christianson’s son is well cared for by the family, while he is still on his feet.

The past few weeks have undoubtedly taken a toll on Christiansen, and he says it’s a coincidence that the son is still here.

– If Xander went to sleep the night of the headache, it is not certain that he would wake up again.

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Although Christiansen initially wanted to stay at the Fredheim farm, there was no doubt that he had to go home to his son on September 6 when he first understood its severity.

However, she said the 23-year-old felt guilty because dad had to go home from recording.

– It only happened when I was “on the farm” and he struggled a bit that I had to leave, but of course he had no reason to.

That’s why it wasn’t filmed

In Sunday’s episode, as mentioned, it won’t appear on the TV screen when Christianson gets the message from production or tells the other contestants that he has to go home.

Christiansen is only filmed going to the farm after receiving the news, where he reveals he doesn’t want to be filmed.

Press manager Dal Netavison told Christiansen and the situation that he decided not to film the production while saying goodbye to the others.

– Out of respect for Bård and the seriousness of the situation, we chose to keep the camera outside when Bård said goodbye to the other participants. They kept this moment to themselves.

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