– Most of the open flames fell down

– Most of the open flames fell down

An area of ​​about 600 acres has been burnt. The fire brigade will be on standby throughout the night.

110 Center describes the fire as “very unpredictable”.
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The fire department was alerted to the grass and heather fire around 4pm. At the time, police said there was heavy smoke and a risk of spreading.

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– Thanks to a good effort, we have now knocked out most of the open flames, incident leader Christian Alfredsson tells BT at 8pm.

But he says it will boil over and there is a risk it could flare up again.

– So there will be fire readiness here throughout the evening and night, he adds.

As of 10pm, police say they are wrapping up the scene, while the fire service continues to monitor. Police have registered a case in connection with the fire, South West Police District said on Twitter.

Chief of Police Christian Alfredson.

Unknown cause

No buildings were damaged by the fire. The cause of the fire is unknown.

– A witness was interviewed by the person who reported the fire, but beyond that we don’t know what caused the fire. It’s very dry in the landscape, so we encourage people to be very careful when using open fires, Alfredson says.

At 18:00 there was still fire on the Agavagen terrain in Pomlo. The fire spread north and northeast. A little windy in the area.

– It burns an area of ​​900 meters in one direction and 800 meters in the other direction. It’s not very clear, says Corey Steinskog, duty officer at the 110 Sørvest switchboard.

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According to Steinskog, the burnt area is 500-600 acres.

Aerial firefighting also took place.

– Going the right way

Crews from stations in Bremnes and Mösterhamn are participating in the extinguishing operation together with a tanker from Stord. Drones from Souda and forest firefighting helicopters have also been deployed in the firefighting operation.

– The helicopter is starting to gain control, so it’s going the right way, says Steinskog at 6.15pm.

Additional personnel were dispatched from Fitzgerald to rescue the long-serving firefighters.

– Relatively good control

At 19.30, the Sør-Vest police district announced that the fire was “relatively well contained”.

“Containment lines have been set up across the road in both west and east directions. Helicopters, fire engines and tractors are on site to extinguish the fire,” police said on Twitter.

– It’s still burning, we haven’t reduced the group. But at 7.45pm we will be on hand with a bushfire helicopter to wet the area to prevent the fire from spreading further, says duty manager Gajedil Nesse.

Tough terrain

Crews are closing both sides of the road south of Håpollen.

– Difficult terrain to traverse. Both sides of the road are burning and it’s not clear, Steinskog said at 5 p.m.

There is a building nearby, which the fire department has secured.

Police said there was no need to evacuate the houses at 17.47.

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